August 15, 2022

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30 thoughts on “The Truth About Steve Harvey – Part 3: Bernie Mac

  1. And doesn’t he still shave his head til this day because of his so called “love & respect” for Bernie? This industry is so fake SMDH.
    R.I.P Bernie Mac, one of the greatest to ever do it.

  2. I guess I have questions. But what’s new? Lol.

    Speaking of clones, I remember the lengthy Marshall interview and he spoke on Bernie being upset about what was going on at the cloning centers. Here’s my thing, and what I hope gets an answer. Bernie was funny AF. A star. Why not clone him to continue the money trail, the easy it’s rumored they did Dave Chappelle. I’m confused. Would’ve made more sense to sacrifice Uncle Ced (not wishing ANYTHING on him just saying). Since him and Mr. Potato Head are/were close. I need more of an explanation.

    Isn’t that what clones are for? To allow them a superpower of being unstoppable because they’re “split” into all these people? Money machines. Or when they’ve become a “threat”? Bernie was at the top of his game and hadn’t quite made it to the point of, ” Worth more dad than alive…” so I’m just curious.

    And while we’re on the subject of comedians, what about Robin Harris? (Bebe Kids). What REALLY happened to him?

    And Steve “Mr. Potato Head” Harvey will NEVER be funny! Funny looking but never fuckin funny.

    1. I agree wit everything u said! I’m always so confused about it all. And yes Bernie was the funniest man EVER!! Steve has NEVER been funny to me AT ALL!!! I was so sad when Bernie died, it’s like i knew him but of course i ddnt!! So I’m new to all this clone and sacrifice! I just woke up like last year sometime from this blog and I’m so happy I’m finally woke🤦🏽‍♀️ So when they clone someone that means they kill the original person and create the “clone person?” If so, how does the clone kno everything about the original person? How they act? And just everything?

      And the first and second ppl that Chiclet sacrificed, who are those ppl exactly??

      The guy that wrote that letter I’m hella confused on him and who he is and how he managed to write and send this letter..who he sent it to? When was this letter received? Who first got the letter?? I see it’s on fb (i havent been on fb in over 5yrs) so is that where he sent the letter to his fb page??? Who is he exactly?? How is he still alive to tell all this and they kno he’s telling it?? I kno he talked about him making them money but a lot of celebrities have made them money but they killed them! Where is this man at tho??? @Caligyrl97 chile can ya help me out a little??? And whoever else can chime in and help me out with all of this krazy Hollyweirdness 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😏😔 @Brim @Daradiant y’all come on and help a Sista out!!

      1. I can’t wait until somebody replies. I want heaven to reply. Since he wrote this piece and neither questions I’ve been having since I woke up. Like you it’s been about a year for me and it all started with G’s blog so I’m so thankful for everything that I’ve learned since I’ve been here.

        But the whole cloning thing confuses me. And that guy Marshall I watched his whole YouTube interview and was really tripping off of the fact that if he’s somewhere in hiding how haven’t they found him when we have IP addresses and trackers and things like that? But then he said that the Illuminati is still using him because of his singing talent and him being able to write songs. Go figure. He spoke with so much Clarity though, and did not stutter one time. So I totally believe him. There were parts of it I was really intrigued by but then a whole lot of parts that I was really confused by two. Like where is he now? When he released all that information that they come for him? And then he said his family disowned him or something like that. It was just a lot to process. But I have so many questions! LOL! I’m glad to know I’m not by myself.

      2. @CaliGryl97 man when i tell U Heaven and G and the gang would get tired of me asking questions 😂😂 girl i just be wanting to kno. And Yes i learned It all from this blog too and i have Just been blown away from it all!!! But i would Have to watch that interview in the daytime cause chile at night is not wats up😂😂 i be scared as hell😩 and is there a part 2 to this letter? If so where is it?? But where is that man at now tho??🤔🤔🤔 ugh!!! I got So many questions that i need Answers to🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. Now it makes more sense. Blood sacrifice you have to choose who dies and it is usually has to be someone of importance. Industry sacrifice is when Lucifer picks for you, and it can Be anybody that he feels is standing in the way. Knowing Steve fake ass he probably lied about him and Bernie being close to have it be a blood sacrifice for the 10 years. And he probably did Snitch Bernie out!

  4. And the producer that Steve went to go see was the late and infamous Aaron Spelling. R.I.P. Aaron Spelling wishe you was here to bring back those good ole 80 shows.

      1. @EricaCBH I’m looking through the comment replies and I don’t see the link that I put in here for you. Do you see it? Because I put the link in here for you yesterday for that whole interview with that Marshal guy. Hopefully it shows for you because I don’t see it and it told me that the comment posted.

  5. I read this and then read that letter on Facebook and wow ! Not surprised but the level of depravity makes me sick to my stomach every time .
    R.I.P Bernie Mac

  6. I can never like a blog post. It won’t let me. But I definitely agree he was a sacrifice for Steve’s come up. I think I know the video ur talking about with Bernie. I believe it was when they (kings of comedy) were on the basketball court.

    1. Yeah sometimes the site is funny with me too. It will make me sign into WordPress every so often and that seems to work for me.

  7. The evils that run through these people’s souls for money, fame, and power is unfathomable. You do all of this witch craft, but you gain absolutely nothing in the end. Sad. It isn’t worth it, it just isn’t. Steve is already beginning to see the deduction with his business. Wanna speak holy, but a straight devil, that be the ones though… That be the ones. Rest easy Bernie.

  8. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa 😧😧😧😧😧😧…..

    Donald wrote a LONG statement but MY SPIRIT TELLING ME TOLD NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. It’s so surprise to me but it’s EXTREMELY DISTURBING and UNSETTLING i-……. I am just at a lost for words I need to pray this anxious feeling away real quick……

  9. I don’t like Steve. Never found him funny in anything he was involved with including Family Feud. I will sit & watch his wife & step-daughter spend his millions & leave him with nothing.

  10. Steve will never get my respect for his comedy. He is not funny and never will be. What he did to Bernie Mac is wack. I miss Bernie dearly, he was gone to soon.

  11. Bernie was always the better comedian. Anyone with ears knew that, don’t even have to have eyes. Steve is such a damn hater and it disgusts me. Bernie’s appearance in EVERYTHING he did no matter how big or small the role, was epic! Steve always comes off as low budget. I don’t care how much money and wealth he has. Bernie had that X Factor. Period. No one compares.

  12. I’m not believing this Donald Marshall guy 100%. Something about it just doesn’t sit with me to believe what he says is truly factual. And how is it posed on FB and they own and censor FB?!

  13. He had me until the part of Obama flying air force one after 911 part, hmmm Obizzy was not president until 8 yrs later bruh.

  14. That Marshall guy answered a lot of questions I have about my wife’s family. They are willing to do anything for money including trying to off their own kid. I have witnessed this manipulation of children. The suicidal thoughts and depression out of nowhere. She always says when she goes to sleep, she doesn’t sleep. She just goes somewhere else that feels just as real as her time when im around. She spent many years in a mason affiliated non-profit hospital having multiple surgeries. There’s a lot more but I’ll keep the rest to myself. She has had a strange life but has a hard time remembering. She gets blips of memories. It’s starting to make more sense. I know she’s not crazy!

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