October 5, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/7/19

  1. Meg playing with drake😂

    Reginae wants to be his bm no matter what she say

    Ok kylie. oh i wonder how her house smells now since all those roses was on the floor

    Nene and kenya 🤦‍♂️

    I thought the same when i saw they said wendy misses him as a business partner

    Yung Miami should have thought about this pregnancy but since everybody got money they cool with that smh

    Cardi and offset, i been tired of them since they started

  2. Meg know what’s up with Drake that’s why she keep playing with him 😂

    Is Kylie marrying Travis gonna keep him from cheating on her? Boy really in the sunken place. Oh well she can have him, tbh.

    Why Reginae? Why? I hope this is not true. She’s has access to non fuck boys with money. Not borrowed record label money, not street and drug money, but MONEY MONEY. Yet she chooses a nigga with 4 kids, 4 baby momma’s at age 28 😭 Her damn parents failed her miserably.

  3. Wendy is a weak woman but kudos to her for her great acting skills. I knew she was full of it.

    I would love to know more about RHOA tea for each cast.

  4. Ok so this caresha thing last week she posted saying she thank pee for everything and he changed her life, But honestly after knowing how the industry is I figured something was coming but not her getting shot at that’s just crazy to me i bet she aint never get shot at like this before they signed…i just can’t put nothing pass that wc label

      1. Right pay attention ro thw artist that stay out the way like takeoff, lil yatchy and that boy marlo something like that

  5. I truly believe that Reginae is experiencing the sins of the father/reap what you sow curse. Wayne did a lot to other people’s daughters, so now his oldest is paying for his transgressions. Getting involved with someone like him. Poor girl.

    Drake and Nicki. I am tired of these 2 with their Bold and the Beautiful/Young and the Restless saga. At this point they are both petty and childish. They must really like it each other because this is giving me grade school vibes, when the little boy who really liked you tortured you 👧👦.

    Wendy for the love of Peter and Paul don’t take that man back.

    Well I guess that unfollowing between Drake and Meg, that people were wondering about, was due to the Vegas night being ruined. Drake knows that girl has said she got a man and she clearly is playing him. Get a clue fool and move on. After everything Drake has been through,having that child from a stranger, you would think he would NOT continue to be this slow. That hard lesson should have learned him.

    Cardi and Offset… I am so tired with the shenanigans. How do you secretly go through fake marriage issues? Make it make sense 😂😂.

    Please find that confirmation on Nene and Kenya. I got my money on Nene whipping that tail 😂😂.


    -I KNEW FOR SURE YUNG MIAMI BBYDDY WAS THE TARGET. I live in Florida, I KNOW HOW THEY GET DOWN. If it was Kodak ppl I AM NOT SURPRISED cause believe it or not, KODAK GOT THEM REAL KILLAS BEHIND HIM, real zoe niggas and EVERYBODY IN FLORIDA KNOW NOT TO FUCK WITH THEM ZOES. even YUNG Miami knows that. I literally CANT STAND her bf HE IS WACK AF and mad annoying 🙄🙄 I’m sure he has enemies ALL OVER so it is
    No surprise at all.

    -Reginae PLEASE GIRL DONT DO IT. But it is much easier SAID THAN DONE. But god damn it SHE GONNA REGRET IT IF SHE DOES. 🙄🙄

    -Cardi B and Offset DO NOT SURPRISE ME…. despite the fact I DONT like her HER BABY IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.

  7. Drake and Nicki need to leave each other alone. We know they don’t care for each other. Offset and Cardi need to let go of this fake marriage. I’m tired of the fake shit they keeping doing. Meg thee stallion and Money bag yo I don’t like her with him because she is to smart to be with dummy. Meg thee stallion need someone like a Kendrick Lamar or J Cole type of man. She should be with a smart or woke rapper. Wendy want to keep her husband because she don’t want him to start telling all her secrets. I know he can write a tell all about Wendy life. Yung Miami boyfriend is dum as hell. She need to stay low right now until it’s save for her to go out. Kylie yacht party in wedding dress she really want to marry Travis Scott. She still want to have another baby by him why. Reginae Carter is very lost and out of her mind right now. It’s sad to see her like this. Her parents act like they don’t care about. Nene need to leave Kenya alone. She been talking about her since last year. When Kenya wasn’t on the show she was saying a lot of nasty things about kenya during her pregnancy. I like Nene but she been doing way to much lately.

  8. If Reginae get pregnant by Lucci, she stupid af smh. She can do so much better man.

    Drake need to stop his shit. He really feel like he can have any girl in the industry smh.

    Supposedly Yung Miami’s boyfriend made a comment about Broward County dudes instead of just saying Kodak’s name. Some of the dudes from Broward were pissed so I’m assuming they shot up the car thinking Southside was inside.

  9. But wasn’t bella also fucking Beckham? Allegedly they were partying in miami a few months ago and she was still with abel so she also cheated on him

  10. I don’t think Nicki was mad about Drake to bring out Megan. Her problem ain’t with Megan it’s with Cardi and drake. G I love your blog but sometimes I feel like y’all paid to write bad stuff about Nicki and continue the beef don’t get Megan involved in this it ain’t got nothing to do with her.

  11. Whewwwwwww this sugar got my teeth hurting !!! Tsk tsk tsk. Reginae gotta get it together. Mannnnnnnn I swear I keep saying it but she ain’t never have dick like that! That’s all it is he doing something that got her mind gone. It don’t make sense to me to be that smart and still be doing dumb shit. She’ll learn

  12. Drakes moving mad but doesn’t want an repeat of being with meg like how Nicki did him. Best believe meg will be single after her tour but for drake but another man that will give her more.

  13. I was just wondering why The Weeknd deactivated his Instagram…..🤷🏽‍♀️ Now I know. Thanks G😘

  14. Doc Rivers daughter is engaged to Seth Curry and the wedding is soon. If she’s pregnant, then this will be baby #2.

    Reginae can do much better but wanting that fool, who’s embarrassed her more than once will have her becoming baby mama #5.

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