October 6, 2022

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34 thoughts on “The Pictures Explained

    1. I went once..97 if I am not mistaken. I met so many people on the interstate that night and downtown earlier in the day was crazy…Heav do a freaknik feature

  1. Oooh, share the Diddy and Adina Howard story!!! Hell, how bout a whole post dedicated to Freaknik shenanigans?

  2. Freaknik was a great moment in time. I went to 3 of them and yes indeed folks were definitely fuckin in the streets especially by Piedmont Park 😳. What’s the tea on Diddy and Adina🤔🤔🤔🤔

      1. Sure did! It was a fool! I still trip off the folk who stood on top of Winnebagos and cars butt naked🤣

      2. Chile, My former Master Chief almost got demoted ! His commanding officer came to NAS Atlanta asking for him and he wasn’t on base at the time. He went out and made a food run. Poor Chief look like he was running for his life!. That man had us laughing at him. We had to tell his commanding officer it was Freaknik weekend and had to explained what it was about. Don’t you know the Lieutenant Commander got in a Black Hawk helicopter and flew over Atlanta to see what those kids was doing? Man he ain’t stay but 10 minutes! He came back, his eyes was bulge out of his head! We tried to tell him. He had no choice but to apologized to the Chief. He hurried the hell up and got his ass off that base that day! 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. In Texas we had the Kappa Beach Party. It was exactly like Freaknik. One time I went I was 17 (1998) Ginuwine was giving me the eye and calling me over to him (he was performing that night). Before I could walk over some fan started screaming and he ran away. I’ll always remember what could have been 😆😆😆😆

    1. Not at no Myrtle Beach! Freaknik was always in Atlanta. The only thing happened in Myrtle Beach in the spring is Black Bike Weekend. And that only have that on Memorial Werkend. The Harley Davidson for the white bikers was the weekend before the black one.

  4. Oh the days of Freaknik…….. Lawd those was the days! They shut shit down! I- 20 was so packed back then! Lawd have mercy, I could barely get on NAS Atlanta!!!

  5. I wanted to go soooo bad in hs. But a guy from the school said no you don’t unless u wanna get felt up on and then lil Kim said the line “want a cheap chick, better go down to freak nik”. So yeah I never went.

    1. I went to Black College weekend in Daytona my freshman year in college and was not prepared at all. It was in March and was chilly. Saw chicks in bikinis getting fingered in parking lots and the bridge into Daytona was backed up the entire weekend. As you walked down the streets, they pulled at you and felt you up. Then the mess with the hotels inspecting rooms before you could check out. Freaknik was a couple of weeks after that and I stayed away, after hearing it was way worse.

  6. Oh yes!!! I remember Freaknik……it was THE most fun I’ve ever had. The highways were always at a stand still, sex on cars, in parks, on the side of the highway. And not to mention how jumpin Lenox Mall was…..I went in ’96 and from what I’m told, Freaknik was starting to calm down a little by the late ninety’s.

  7. I paid for the subscription during the pre-sale period and I still don’t have access. I sent an email with my receipts.

  8. 🤯 WHEW CHILE….. I just started breathing again. I need TEA about FREAKNIK. Always wondered been to Black bike week and let’s just say🤯🤯

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