September 26, 2022

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48 thoughts on “The Truth About Steve Harvey  

  1. How can Steve write a book telling women how to act like a lady and think like a man. when he been out there cheating, laying it low, and spread it wide.

    1. He is a scandalous character and I have liked his shows in the past, but never really liked “him” as a person. He seems like he’ll do ANYTHING for money.

  2. I can not stand this horse teeth asshole. But he tells the truth. He is a self branded sellout. Not surprised at stiffing his previous wife and children. I didn’t know about Marcia but I know about Mary.

  3. Wait. Did Marcia have another child from Steve? Because if she had their son in 1991, and they split in 94 while she was pregnant, maybe she had a miscarriage or abortion?

  4. Patiently waiting for part 2 is Choppers and Jezebel really married and did he really sacrifice or give up booty to become rich and famous I mean 140 million is a lot?

  5. Thank you for the break down! I have been trying to figure out which kids were for which wife. And Broderick? Had no clue that was Steve’s 1st name. I thought it was Stephen and everyone called him Steve for short lol. Bring on more ☕ ☕ please lol.

    1. Real loooooooooonnnnggg, the Toni Braxton and Babyface long story that is up here or maybe longer! Get you some good ole snacks cause I definitely got two bags of chips, two cases of sodas, and bags of powder donuts. The only thing I need is three boxes of Lemonheads!

      1. Oh ok makes sense to her madness. Dis yall see those pics steve and diddy looked like they were discussing them numbers

  6. I knew Steve couldn’t be trusted. I noticed his mannerisms around the time Berni was getting sick and even at Berni’s funeral. All of them seemed like they knew something about a falling out between Steve and Berni.

  7. I’ve been waiting on this tea G, I really do not like this man, especially how he did his Second wife. Expose him.. His money soon dun awwwffff and lady heroine will be gone

  8. So it’s safe to say the first wife is well off, it’s sad that you can’t say the same for the second wife which I heard he is still married to

    Mac was complaining to ppl that his stomach wasnt right after he ate around Hightower — then all of a sudden he spiraled and he still knew something was off about that dude !

  10. Damn them twins 👯‍♀️ are ugly 😖they look like him more but they look like they momma too!

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