October 5, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Sugar Baby Concerns

  1. Hi! I’ve been a member of this blog for over a year now. I submitted an Ask G question, back in December that never got answered. I connected with you in January about it and you said please be patient as G has over 150 questions, etc. Cool. It still hasn’t been answered. Acknowledgement that you received it, would be great. If you can’t answer it, that’s fine also. Just let me know.

    Second, G has posted numerous grievances when people steal information from her blog and post it, but you all are doing this same. The blind items are not hers and she’s not crediting the source. Other people who take from CD&N credit him or have a link to the original.

    Third, I know you want to find another way to make money through the site, hence why Heaven is here and you posted the donation box at the bottom of each page…. but a blog in a blog? 😑. You’re turning into the blogs you talk shit about. You promoted Heaven coming to the site, but not the costs. Then never allowed anyone who didn’t pay to view the content. A teaser or something would have been nice.

    I enjoy your site and enjoy reading the content. I even continue to read the Nicki Minaj posts, even though most of it is extremely repetitive. Thanks for all of your hard work and thank you for reading this.

    1. First off. How dare you perpetrate like you are a fan of the blog and passively aggressively show nothing but disrespect in this post. 2nd off I do not copy anyone’s blind item Ma’am If you know or do not know this industry is filled with only a handful of reliable sources so the information I get I try to spew it in my words so it does not mimic or copy other blogs. No Person is going to fully know 100% blind items without help from sources. 3rd We are turning into other blogs by trying to make money? Do you have any idea what I spend to produce this blog and you can get it for as little as 2 dollars.? 4 Heaven’s blog and the donation button are OPTIONAL. 5 i DON’T KNOW what you hoped to accomplish by spewing this negative post my way but I work to hard and take too many chances for fake supporters like yourself who probably go back and share my work with other blogs and talk negative about this blog. I do not appreciate how you just tried to paint me in these comments. I am no different from anyone else. 90% of my sugar is not anywhere else. However, I am not the only one who knows Jill Fritzo or Amanda Silverstein or Abby, a lot of people in the Industry doing the same thing are closer to these people tan even I am. Tips are always going to be the same but i create my own dialogue and I find my own tippers but there is no such thing in the celebrity gossip world as being the only one with the story or being first because the person who was actually there is the only one who is first. All of this is 2nd hand information. I have spent way more time on this then I should and I will end it with this. There is a such thing called a refund and there are other blogs. I go through way too much and deal with too much shit on a daily basis to have to come and read shit like this. $2 is hardly making a killing I am just breaking fucking even at the end of the day. If you have such issues with this blog please exit stage left but I would appreciate it if you would keep that negative bullshit to yourself and stop trying to so called ” put me on blast” to my real supporters. Since my site is so repetitive and is only out for money, I will have @wishesgranted issue a refund and your release papers. Thank you and I apologize for wasting your time

      1. Wow. First off, I’m not the first person to comment on your blind items coming from someplace else. Go back in your posts/comments. Second, you can make assumptions all you want, but I’m not one of the people that steals your info and post it elsewhere. I don’t have time for that. Nor have I ever talked shit about your site. I keep everything to myself, except today. I finally comment rather than just read and keep it moving and you can’t take the truth? That’s your insecurity, not mine. If all you got is negative from my post instead of constructive criticism, then obviously there’s some truth behind my words. 🤷🏽‍♀️…

  2. Awww G thank you for this post and EVERYTHING you do. If you ever need help with administrative stuff I am always ready and willing 😘

  3. Thanks so much G. I enjoy your blog and I’m enjoying the new blogs by Heaven. Keep up the great work.

  4. So you finally answer my question and you took my access away so I can’t see it. 🤣. Girl grow up. You can dish gossip and express your opinions about celebrities and tell all of their business, but when someone gives you honest feedback, you can’t take it. I called you on your thievery and you’re embarrassed. Its ok. It happens to the best of us. You can issue me my refund like you said you would. My life will go on without this site. Thank you

  5. I never comment but I just wanted to say I’ve been here from the beginning. Yes, there are times where the content doesn’t interest me.. that is cool! I keep it pushing and wait for the next day to see if something I’m interested in gets posted. She can’t cater to every single person and their likes. Especially at no damn $2 a month.
    Y’all need to chill.
    Heavens blog (which I’m subbed to willingly) is worth the money tbh. Again, if there’s an instance where some day a topic I don’t like is posted I keep it pushing til the next post.
    Some of y’all be asking for the world and still complain that y’all paid.. bro.. y’all paid $2… what’s that? A bag of chips? If y’all ain’t fucking with the blog then stick to IG since it’s free🤷🏻‍♀️.
    Keep up the good work G, i paid and was immediately given access to Heavens posts☺️

    1. I’m just tryna gain access after paying and emailing like 3 weeks ago. Do y’all go through this monthly? This is only my second month.

      1. No, it usually happens when there are a lot of new members. Once you have access it’s not an issue at all. I’ve noticed when there’s a sale on the blog .. the comments get hectic about getting access. But G is good about crediting you. I know the first month the blog was up there were a few issues and she credited everyone for the month, which wasn’t necessary in my opinion. I would stick it out and hopefully they get to your account soon so you can have access. Good luck 🙂

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