October 6, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Gets At Critics About Her Relationship and Takes Shots At Ex’s – Part 2

  1. Literally Nicki can’t talk about any of her ex’s they are literally better then the broke sex offender she is dating now.

  2. G, u kno ur always spot on so I’m with u on this one also!! And for sum reason i dnt Like Meek🤷🏽‍♀️ Idk wat it is but i dnt Like him…i like some of his music but not all of it.

      1. Oh yea sorry Heaven that i got It confused i just appreciate all the tea from all of y’all 😘

      1. Yep he most definitely seems grimey to me too!! Just can’t stand him. Then be doing all that hollering and screaming all the dam time just get on all of my nerves lil nappy headed ass😂😂

      2. And i thought Meek had already sold his soul when he was with Rick Ross🤔 i thought they all did that’s with Maybach Music🤔 And y is he not with Ross anymore anyway????

  3. I’m ready for about 2-3 Nicki albums with that energy of “Don’t call my name hoe”. Drake having a eating disorder would make sense with the sick mother and upset during his development stages.

  4. it’s really funny to me how she claim to be super picky with the men she chooses and how a men got to be king status to enter in her body and yet she’s marrying a convicted rapist and murderer. All the men that we knew she had were clowns. Safaree a big ass clown and Meek was super corny when he was with her he only gained some juice when he got out of jail.anyway she needs to stop calling herself a bad bitch cuz she’s not. A bad bitch knows how to choose her man

    1. Like my grandma would say, you pick, pick, pick til you pick shit. That nigga is going to do her like Anita Baker, Mary J. Blige, Wendy Williams: Take half and spend on a new younger chick. That true love crap is for the birds. A man that loves you more is where it’s at.

  5. Ok, I love Nas, in fact I am a HUGE Nas fan and have been for a long time. But I did read somewhere (I forget the name of the book), of a New York rapper that many people would be shocked to know that he was bisexual. The trail/clues that were left had me inclined to believe it may be Nas. Also, Kelis, alluded to it a few years back when Nas was on vacation with singer Maxwell (who’s sexuality has also been in question), though she could have just been bitter, but you know the saying, where there’s smoke….

    If it were true, I wouldn’t care one way or another, because as I said, I love Nas and that wouldn’t change it. But a good number of ppl in the industry are in hiding, so I put nothing past anyone these days.

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