September 29, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/31/19

  1. It feels like Kim Z has been grooming her daughter for a few years now. Brielle looks like she is the same age as her mama and clearly they are using a groupon for their surgeries, it looks ridiculous.

    Sounds like Epstein has already had the first attempt on his life. He is not gonna live long enough to be convicted. If he does, he wont be around long once he hits general population.

  2. I agree with you on Paris. She just doesn’t have “it” and nobody believes she’s MJ’s spawn so there won’t be much investment into her. Kelly getting off with no time? I was for sure the tapes and former employees coming forward would be the nail in the coffin. I assumed he was going to be used to make an example out of. I feel like the Jeffrey Epstein debacle will disappear and fade either by someone getting rid of him or by some sudden “world crisis” or disaster. When I saw Taryn’s “I was hacked” all I could think about was this blog lol… G, do you see how Cardi is being used to get the young folks vote? Smh… Do you think Cardi is about to be transitioned out of music and into other things? I don’t have confidence in her being able to make another hit.

  3. I thought zim had already groomed her?🤷🏾‍♀️ Paris yeah that’s a no for me, I just don’t feel like she got it.

  4. Paris is serious about this music thing? I thought it was just a phase honestly. It’s like Willow Smith only make music for themselves and an select group. Definitely not mainstream.

  5. I wonder if lisa going to spell the tea about what she knows about diana Ross and Micheal relationship🤔

  6. Kim seems as though she been grooming her for the industry especially money since that’s all she’s about since her HOA. Paris don’t look like she have that “IT”factor to make it💯 Ooh the Lisa book shall be very interesting😳

  7. no lie, on the end credits of the season finale of oitnb 7, i was seein that all the cast members did a lil clip, basically a bow to the viewers and shit. taryn was bowin and walkin off like she was ready to get the fuck off the set, but everybody else was emotional and shit. that just struck me as odd until i read this article smh. that whole cast seems like a close knit family, shit they been doin that show for years but years don’t mean shit when it comes to loyalty. i feel like that’s what she was missin from her costars, hence her ig post and caption.

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