July 2, 2022

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67 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 7/30/19

      1. 1st off stop being a damn baby that spiler is all over twitter 2nd off you are saying SPOILERS means you did not read my reply for power. What I said in Hot takes is a prediction that is what hot take is it was not a spoiler . I have no idea who is dying on Power that was my prediction AKA HOT TAKE now if you want to be done with the blog because of that then you were never really down to begin with

      2. G don’t be wrong and strong. Some people avoid social media to prevent spoilers. At least have the consideration to say “spoiler alert, read at your own discretion.”

  1. Keep doing u Jordyn!! Stay focused on getting your life together and rebuke that curse they trying to put in your life, that you’ll need them before they need you, mmmph. The nerve!! Stay woke Jordyn, lol!

    1. The Plastic Backyardigans is reeping what they sow. First Blac Chyna finesse the only dominate Kardashian male, then Tristan finesse Daddyless Ho and within the same breath, Jordyn did a double finesse without knowing it only to find out that the same Daddyless Ho had no choice but to tell the truth. Hell, Karma is winning at this point.

  2. Yeah, I’m just gone sit back and mind my black ass business with this Jordyn-Khlobacca mess. Khlogre can cry me a river; this is just karma.

    I wonder what happened to Taryn. Although OITNB hasn’t been the same since we lost Poussey, I started feeling sympathy for Pennsatuckey. Definitely was sad when she died

  3. Even if you hate the Kardashian’s you have to admit they speaking facts with this Jordyn mess. She getting all this fake support and shes starting to feel herself. But when the support dies out and the storyline get’s old then she’ll be stuck with burned bridges she can’t recover from.

    Rick Ross sorry but she ain’t gonna go for you Hahaha, she just want the check.

    1. It’s not about hating them, it’s about them crying about shit they do all the time to other people. They’re acting like they rescued her from the projects…clearly she’ll be fine. She wouldn’t even be able to be friends with her if they weren’t already in the same circle. Stop it! Maybe she’ll never be as big as these hoes but she’ll be just fine. Some bridges need to be burned to keep you from backtracking. I don’t agree with what she did but she needed to step out of the shadows, or else end up just like Malika (Khloe’s professional best friend)

      1. I would agree with you myself. The Kardashians are fame hogs and will do anything to stay relevant in the limelight. Khloe has nothing going on but a trail of trash following her so like you all have said Karma’s a B. Although, Lamar may not have been a good choice for her she jumped in and strung him along with not having a child – now the fact that she had a baby by a professional cheater what did she expect that he would stay with her because of her family name, HA!. Too busy trying to be like Kim’s tail she needs to have several seats and eat some humble pie. The entire family is messy as hell – I have always wondered if Robert Kardashian didn’t pass away when he did would they still be the way they are. I feel like Kris missed the limelight from the OJ case when her husband and Johnnie’s name was spoken in everyone’s household.

      2. Annnnnnddd those same dumbass plastic motherfuckers failed to realized that Kim, Khloë, and Kylie got black babies, female black babies. The same shit they have been doing to black women is going to be worst on their daughters. See, what the curse said was for fame, fortune, and physical beauty. Not brains, common sense, and respect. And that’s where those dummies flunked out on….Life itself. And that Sugar Babies, is how you seperate the real from the fake. 💖😎

    2. No they didn’t speak facts. The fact is that three melinated people beat them at their own game. Its okay for them plastics ass motherfuckers to do the shit they do and not expect some kind of karma? “Bullshit ain’t nothing but chewed up grass!”- Mrs. Nealie Williams R.I.P. Bestie! 💖

  4. Then Trina should feel like Khloe was targeting her for a reaction too. So Khloe hangs out with Trina .. parties, drinks and smokes with her while she is dating James Harden , soon as they breakup Khloe was on his d*ck..Then goes and messes with French Montana knowing they were publicly dating and touring with each other.. seems like she did to Trina what her sisters best friend did to her. We don’t care how you feel sus

    1. Preach!!! Why it gotta be fake love. Funny how Chewbacca got all this going on for her but yet you are focused on a woman younger than you? Girl bye!!! They all full of shit!
      Jordyn don’t need them. She has Will and his money is long.

    2. I only follow Khloë just to see how she makes an ass of herself. Congratulations Khloë A Kardashian, YOU PLAYED YOURSELF!!

  5. The Kardashian’s always wanna be the victim. I’m sick of seeing and hearing about them. Jordyn needs to keep working and make that name for herself.

  6. 🗣No one cares Khloe! Move the eff around and get the f*%# over it! Its called karma 🤷🏾‍♀️. Damn that whole family annoys me, as long as they’re the ones doing wrong it’s okay. F*%# off!

  7. AND??!!! Jordyn was wrong as hell but she learned from the best. These dudes are for everybody. Get yours, and move on. What do y’all want her to do? Crawl under a rock and die? At age 22? How long is she to be indebted to them? Why don’t you drag trifling Tristan like this? I know this is a pro-Kardashian page but damn….flipping a scandal into a bag is the Kardashian way. Kris Jenner is the Queen of this. Jordyn would be a fool not to take advantage of the opportunities she has in front of her wrong or not.


  8. Why is Khloe even commenting?? They stay ready with a comment via an insider/unnamed source. Be concerned how much time Tristan spends with True – how about that?

  9. Jordy, this ain’t it sis. Even if those people were NOT involved, you don’t want that life. Harden was one thing, NOW Rick Ross. No girl, don’t be like the rest. 😔😔

    1. Yes don’t be like the rest is what she’s doing i just don’t get the hype with her still, but do your thang

  10. The kardians smashed so many how can you NOT run into someone they been with???? Not defending jordyn, i don’t even know who she is but it just makes sense

  11. Please stop spoiling these tv shows before we get a chance to watch them babe! 😭🙏❤️

  12. If your gonna have show spoilers can you please say it?!! Give us the warning if we continue to read.

  13. These Kardashian/Jenner hoes 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 guuuuuurl YOU BOTHERED CAUSE YOU ALL GETTING A DOSE OF YOUR OWN MEDS????? We all know how karma works and she ALWAYS comes in different clothing so THE MORE THEYRE PRESSED BOUT JORDYN….. the more I love jordan‼️‼️‼️‼️ I DONT FEEL NOT ONE BIT OF PITY FOR ANY OF THEM KARDASHIAN JENNER HOES cause they had no feelings when they did it to all their friends IN THE PUBLIC EYE

  14. IT BRINGS ME JOY TO SEE HOW MUCH JORDYN HAS PROSPERED SINCE SEPARATING FROM THEM HOES….. ITS KILLING THEM TO SEE HER DOING GREAT 😂😂 it’s really killing them and they’re PRESSED! They really thought that Jordyn couldn’t be NOTHING without them but….. SIKE! Lol


  15. Khloe your ex friends feel the same way I’m sure. I have no sympathy in that department regarding her sorry. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. I honestly thought this show ended after that 1 season was prematurely leaked to the public prior to the NETFLIX release date. ThT had to be a several seasons and a couple years ago… sitting here now like DAMN they had 7 seasons 😳 wow!
    Totally on the late show.
    Did she ever mention who was or what was so horrible about the cast and crew of the show? Based on what I read here It sounded like an empty RANT… 🤔

  17. But jordyn was in training all those years tf they thought she wasn’t learning from them. I’m not into her hype but khloe girl she always in her feelings and always been the one to still hold onto shit ugh she’s annoying.

  18. Who cares how the Kardashian’s feel…. of coarse Kylie doesn’t need jordyn now, she’s already used her …. if it wasn’t for money and augmented bodies who would care who they are… they want black token friends and black men

    1. Not really. See, Kylie still have to pay Jordyn. She used Jordyn Woods name on an stolen ideal for a shitty ass so called lipkit that she so called came up with.

  19. So the Kardashians can cackle and be petty. But others who do the same are called out. To me they are watching real hard and to say fake love. Shit nobody has love for the Kardashians expect their own family. If there’s no money being made from them people don’t care.

  20. I stopped watching when Poussey “died” anyway, I’m glad you let me know G not to attempt to waste my time this season… it’s gonna be even worse…

  21. But it’s not jordy’s fault of every black man in the industry is Klhoé’s ex 🤷🏾‍♀️

  22. &&& this is why I am glad i gave up OITNB for Wentworth, they renewed for seasons 8 & 9 & (spoiler alert below)…..

    ….. The Freak lives

    (bcz if you know, YOU KNOW)

  23. The Smiths told Jordyn they had her… i think she’ll be good, booking gigs etc is must what they meant

  24. Oh please who gives a fuck about what the kkk has to say. They swear they own peoples lives, especially black ones. Cut the obsession already it’s nauseating lol

  25. Wasn’t khloe targeting ppls ex? I could see if she gave the man a lap dance….also I’m tired of them acting like Jordyn is some broke black friend that can’t make a name for herself. 🙃 khloe get out your feelings and move on.

  26. The industry is a really crooked evil business and anyone even thinking about getting into it should really think twice😣

  27. ? What level sex kitten is JW now ?
    Pensatucky had that wierd tattoo on her throat so I knew they had strange plans for her and look what happened now SMH !

  28. G keep right on giving those spoilers! People kill me. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

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