October 5, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Did Nicki Minaj Make A mistake Dumping Meek Mill?

  1. NOPE! Nicki did not make a mistake leaving meek cause I still believe he used her for clout and then everything else fell into place FOR HIM. Judging by these past few years all that has happened to Nicki was bound to happen one way or another because the industry was tired of her reign. I still say her getting with meek began the charge against her cause he had her making foolish moves and fucked up her brand being insecure. If anything he showed how fake he was rolling with those that was dissing him when he was with Nicki. I thought hood dudes didn’t fuck with fake shit? And besides he was cheating on her too! Now to say she made a mistake leaving SAFAREE, can spark a discussion worth having. For me personally I think her not giving DRAKE a chance was a mistake. Meek ain’t bigger than him, and a small part of me feels drake would’ve done right by Nicki. And yes she ain’t happy with this broke dude you can tell. She needs to drop him and get back in good with drake and maybe he’ll help take the heat off her and if he can’t just sit back and enjoy being Champagne Mami and put out music here And there.

    Sorry for the paragraph I get hyped discussing meek and Nicki cause they relationship should’nt have happened In my opinion ;P

    1. Oh and losing NAS is another discussion that makes sense. but nope meek was a mistake and clearly if he had any real loyalty to Nicki he wouldn’t have Linked up with jay snake ass after jay dissed him or collabed with Cardi.plus he was dissing Nicki when she got them purses from quavo. She should’ve got with drake instead of toying with his emotions all those years. Now at a time when you need him the most he don’t want nothing to do with you. Even if drake couldn’t stop her deactivation he definitely could’ve hooked her up in other business endeavors like he doing his baby mama. She better quit playing before he FINALLY wife someone else. Rihanna out the picture, take advantage!

  2. I don’t think she made a mistake. Maybe the reason the elites wanted them apart was because the plan was for Meek to level up the whole time and they knew they had plans on deactivating Nicki. We all thought they didn’t want them together because it was bad for her, but what if this was all to clear the path for Meek to blow up? Because the tables have surely turned 🤔

    1. That’s a good theory! Never thought of it that way. The way everything played out you can’t help but feel like some ulterior motives was present. Use Nicki to get your name on a broader scale, attack the biggest rapper and get even more recognition (even if negative for the time being) and then capitalize and have everyone that hated you all of a sudden love you cause that’s how media works. Yes yes yes!

      1. Exactly! I didn’t consider it until reading this post, the way it all played out in retrospect is just kinda fishy. I love me some Meek and he deserves his time to shine in some respects, but I can’t deny that he was for sure catapulted to where he is now

  3. She’s over 35. They were going to deactivate her anyway. Staying with him would’ve prolonged the process, but it was inevitable either way.

  4. I think Nicki needs therapy because she constantly makes horrible choices in men. Is almost like she purposely chooses men below her so she won’t have to relinquish control. How are you a millionaire with a man you have to give an allowance to? Pathetic. Talking about he “loves me”. No, you big dummy, he “loves” the lifestyle that you afford him. She won’t learn though. She’s going to marry him and he’s going to come up, take her coins and move on to the next chick. Hate to see it, but that is what she’s asking for and that’s what she will get.

    1. I’ve always believed she dated dudes beneath her cause she likes control (Safaree, meek when they dated, and now this clown). Nas was so short lived and he wasn’t going to drop his side flings so they fizzled out rather quickly who knows who would’ve been in control? Another theory I have that shows why she wouldn’t give drake a chance. Ain’t cause he ain’t her type otherwise she wouldn’t have flirted as hard as she did and been petty when he was with Rih on more than one occasion. That’s too equal of power, and drake probably would have more power so she would feel threatened. She better get off that before it’s TOO too late!

  5. Hell naw she need to stay away from meek cause Jay just gonna screwed meek over or sacrifice his ass. IDC for meek but when I saw that he’s starting a label under Jay i felt so sad for meek. I don’t think he truly realized WHO he’s getting in bed with. N Rick Ross shady ass posting congratulations like ‘they got u now nigga” 😂🤣😂. Nicki needs to continue to phase into fashion/movies n continue to drop music for her FANS. I also agree with the others that she chose Kenny because she don’t trust any of these INDUSTRY dudes n considering what the elites are doing to her why should she?! Hell even in regular ppl lives u try at relationships n some work n some don’t…if this new one don’t she’ll just charge it to the game n move on like she has in the past ✌️. Oh yeah hey y’all n sending the sugar babies MUCH 💓😘💓😘💓‼️

    1. Omg yes, you said it. Meek really does not know who he is getting in bed. I just know Jay will sacrifice him soon or a later.

  6. I don’t think she made a mistake. Everything happens for a reason. There are no mistakes. What ever happens is meant to happen.

  7. I dont think she made a mistake. I think being removed from the circle is easier than leaving the circle. Nicki was doing well independently so she can always put records out that way and make her coin. Plus, she has made so much money she should be set for life. I dont think she is very happy, but this regualr dude is better than Meek simply Because he isnt famous and there is some ‘history’ between the two of them. Tht relationship wont worknout though. She made the right decision about Nas too, he is clearly a woman beater- none wants to deal with that.

    1. I agree with what you’re saying but as far as the history part goes he actually put hands on Nicki back in the day. Plus there are murmurs that he is cheating on Nicki already with IG Models and thots. If She shouldn’t put up with that with meek when he cheated, or Safaree when he cheated (and they were together for 12 years) she damn sure shouldn’t stand for it with this clown cause he the brokest of the bunch lol

  8. The mistake she made was leaving and public trying to fight safarra (Forgot how to spell his name) anywho he was with her from NOTHING. Meek Mill has sold his soul and will now be a puppet like the rest of them. Do I think she happy NO but NONE of them are

  9. I thought she said meek was abusive to her. If that’s the case you never lose walking away from abuse

  10. Nope Nicki Minaj and Meek mill was never a good look. Nicki and Nas could have work out better. But his ex wife was a big problem in there relationship. Nicki has a problem with men. She don’t think clearly about the future and how things can hurt her in the long run. She always act on her emotions. She have no control over her emotions in a relationship. Everything is not going to go your way all the time. Nicki need to learn things the hard way, because she don’t take advice from no-one. Nicki Minaj will find true love and she will find another career to make money again. Her music career is over but her life is not over. In thr future, I see Nicki Minaj getting back with one of her ex’s. This man will take good care of her. I will not say the name. No it not Safaree nor Meek. She will have a child.( I hope not with the guy she with now.) But she will have 2 kids. When this happens the world will not know about this until she have the first child which will be a son. I don’t know about the second child yet. We will not see this in the public media, because Nicki will go into hiding and she will live a quite life. Nicki leaving the public world is good for her health and her emotional health. Her fans will miss her sharing her life with them but this have to happen for the good. G, save this comment I have had many of my dream come true. God have given me a give to see these things. Im not crazy, I was not going to share this. Until you post this question about Nicki. This will happen 2 to 5 years from now. Just save this comment. Right now she have to heal from the pain she been through. she’s growing up even though we can see it. She is learning how to hide the truth. Zoo is only there because she needs someone for emotional support. ( she may have to pay him off to keep him quite, her new man will help her with that).😊😇😊

  11. No because Meek was not ready to settle down and he was bound to embarass her with a cheating scandal. Same for Drake, glad that union never happened because it would’ve been an UGLY breakup. She’s happy with her current dude because he’s making her feel loved and probably doing everything thing she wants him to do and gives her all the attention she craves. Is he good for her? Nah. All of her exes comeups (Nas and Meek) were already in the works and have nothing to do with her being with or leaving them. Is she happy in life overall? Probably not completely with the industry doing her as dirty as they have been. What would be best for Nicki right now is to be single, become more of a businesswoman and leave music alone for a bit (go behind the scenes).

  12. Meek may be going up but it’s still in the wrong direction. Nicki would have ended up being his sacrifice

  13. I think Meek abused her! The biggest mistake was dating him in the first place, I pray she don’t go bk!

  14. Nah Nicki is really happy. I’m not even a fan of hers but i live around the hood she grew up in. She really loves homie & homie is touching some type of bread. That really was her heart growing up. I’m happy she found somebody regular ‘cause she can finally be normal again.

  15. I don’t think she made a mistake but she probably wishes she did some things different. IMO she should have stayed with Safaree because he didn’t have a job either but helped her the most in her career. Or either she should have stayed with Nas because he comes off as wise and would be a good help to her life and keep her leveled. She will do what she wants though as we can see.

  16. People got mad at her for being with meek mad at her for being with nas and now they are mad at her for this dude who really cares people can’t dictate someone’s else happiness you or anyone don’t know if she’s happy or not that’s a childhood sweetheart she’s been consistent asf people think meek is corny them big wigs can love him all they wanna but everyone else doesn’t keep that energy

  17. But Nicki seems like a smart gal tho and MAYBE NICKI DONT WANNA BE PARTS OF ALL THAT SHIT? Maybe Nicki wants to live as normal as possible. I mean let’s be real, Nicki KNOWS the in and out of the industry and KNOWS that the industry is against her and trying to take her out, so why would she have any regret in leaving meek or anything like that?

    I think Nicki is happier than she ever been. She knows these dudes in the industry IN REAL LIFE and maybe they wack and lame AF to her and maybe she really DID want a regular nigga? I think every move she makes it what SHE wants to do to make her happy…..

  18. I know “sacrifice” is used a lot, but maybe it doesn’t have to be a physical death. Maybe Nicki made a sacrifice with her career getting with Meek. As a result her career is dying(sacrifice) while Meeks is renewed. I mean No one really wanted her to be with him and thought it was the kiss of death(which it seems to be). Just thinking out of the box lol.

  19. Y’all literally can’t go one week without reporting some BS assumptions about Nicki….. How you gone say her leaving a toxic relationship was a mistake ? Meek ass is going to regret aligning with Jay Z like everyone else who aligned with him…… Also, Meek might be aligning with some elites but that won’t help him in the long run…. They gone kick him to the curb when they’re done with them as they do everyone else!

  20. I think that if she’s gonna be deactivated she should go out with a bang. And not the kind that we think she should, it should be her choice I’m sure she’s had enough of people telling her what to do and how to do it by now. She’s probably saying they’re done with me anyway why do they care right ?

  21. Honestly, she did the right thing. We don’t want Meek had to do for Jay to partner with him. Nicki may fair out better down the road.

  22. No she didn’t make a mistake by leaving. And as much as the industry tried to get rid of Nicki, she’s still here as one of the most talked about female rappers in 2019. She’s still getting buzz, meanwhile Cardi is fading resulting to politics to remain relevant. She can’t book a solo tour and has to perform at festivals..Her hype definitely has died down, especially with the new hot girl Megan. You’re usually spot on, but Nicki is still the Queen of Rap. I’ll admit Remy and Cardi SLIGHTLY crippled her career. But apparently not as much as we were led to believe…

  23. No. Look at her she has so much happy weight on her now she doesn’t pop pills anymore plus she is always smiling. After the broke up meek told her business to a opp plus he was using her. Queen was an awesome album btw and yes cardi is here but there will NEVER be another Nicki Minaj! That lady has set and stilll setting records that not even old or new male rappers has done so she or her name isn’t going anywhere.

  24. Leaving Meek didn’t cause her downfall, but it accelerated it.

    I remember reading way back about the industry plotting against Nicki. It’s so sickening to see it all unwrap now…

  25. I don’t feel Nik is happy at all she’s def putting on a front because her life is doomed so how could she. All the guys she left ate now on top of their game and the one who I feel really would have wife’d her up (Drake) she played with his emotions for years so I don’t even feel like he’s interested in her at all anymore, don’t even want to be bothered at all so Nik had LOST TERRIBLY BAD. It was inevitable for her Deactivation but if she would have been with someone of high status in the industry it would have helped her remain more relevant because this route she’s going down isn’t working for her….

  26. I thought she was sposed to “level up” lmao to a wyte man by now and she never held up her end so they made sure they canceled her ? At least she didnt give up on her brother SMDH ! As far as her felon bae Queen needs real live top shotta if she gonna navigate this jungle on her own IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

  27. No. She did not make a mistake. Some of what is happening to get career would have happened anyway. The Industry loves replacing women in rap with fresh new faces with young tight bodies.
    Meek and Nic always seemed weird to me.

    One thing to remember, you don’t HAVE to be A list to continue to enjoy your career and you don’t HAVE to have all the money to be secure and comfortable.

    She finds the right team and Learn how to organize and utilize the BarbZ, she will be fine.

    If, music turns into a Wrap, buy a few fast food franchises. I read one that Chris Brown owned 14 Burger Kings.
    Buy, a few car dealerships.
    The money is out there. As long as she does not concern about people calling her a Has Been, she will be fine.
    Embrace change. It’s not bad. It’s different.

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