October 6, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Pr Diaries The Nicole Murphy Edition

  1. I must be the only one not surprised. She’s a beautiful woman in Hollywood where all bets are off. And she’s being spotted with known cheaters who do they spouses dirty anyway. Ehh everyone touched in Hollywood.

  2. She really had it good with Eddie Murphy & clearly thinks she’s a star & was going to lock down another rich man, yet she keeps showing up with unavailable men

    1. She may look good for her age but at the end of the day sis is still pushing 40 these niggas not bout to wife her

  3. Wow!! I didn’t realize that Nicole got down like that but for the life of me I don’t understand why she doesn’t pick better men.

  4. Nicole it too old to be acting so trifling. I always wondered what exactly she does, other than pose. And the paparazzi always seems to “catch” her out and about, dressed up and looking flawless.

  5. I often wonder if these celebrities eventually ever desire real love and not these hookups/ arranged relationships. Like don’t it get lonely and exhausting?

  6. NM must have category 5 hurricane head or something else IDK she stay on the cougar prowl LMAO.

  7. Is she trying be wired again though? Cuz it’s not working. I hope she is getting something out of it besides pipe.

  8. After the second child Wifey. It was after. I remember it. They was on the cover of Ebony. Bria and Myles were born. And the wedding had those heart shape invitations. If you didn’t had that, you couldn’t get in.

    1. They sure were – family of 4. I remember being heated about him getting married because my crush was over.

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