September 29, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/29/19

  1. Brat slept with Alan iverson I thought she was a fish eater
    Sweet baby Jesus in the manger
    Why did Justin and Selena break up

  2. Ima need for you to refrain from giving us Power spoilers…that was so disrespectful in the last post!
    Love you though.

  3. Definitely thought Brat was only in the lady pond lmao

    Idk why Justin married that poor girl anyway

    I’m curious to know what those racist tweets said

  4. Dang Nicole….. I guess if she only dares married men she’s able to stay single and continue collecting checks from Eddie…

  5. Well damn Brat! I always assumed she was a lesbian. But yeah, if she and her sister both were with married men, then they really cant say much.

  6. G, I’m gonna need you to lay off on Power please. The last spoiler is fucking me up. Whether its your prediction or not. Just keep it off your blog please.

    I heard brat went both ways but I didn’t know she was that serious about sausages like that to get with a married man. But why Did Left eye didn’t like her? Did she mess with Andre Rison?

    Justin and Hailey is a hot mess. Just divorce already. He has the money to sustain it.

  7. I knew something wasn’t right with Jessica’s tweets. She married to a man who is bi-racial. His dad is black and his mom is white.

  8. Lisa raye chose her words carefully on tmz. She said everyone has made mistakes and have grown from them. She also said u don’t do that to friends because it’s suppose to be loyalty. Another words, Nicole was friends or friendly with both Antoine and Lela. Lisa wasn’t friends with who ever husband she allegedly was messing with so there was no loyalty there lol so if she did do what she’s alleged of, she grew from it lol

    1. Yeah, I caught that too. She made sure to say everyone has made mistakes, because she already knew people would be drudging up her past too! But shes indicating that Nicole has a pattern of doing finding married men.

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