October 6, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Revealed 7/28/19

  1. I would never thought it would be Prince Harry. What is she doing to him?

    Also, who gives The Game chances. he’s corny and disgusting to me. I mean the man looks dirty so I wouldn’t put it past him to get an underage girl pregnant.

      1. That’s what I’m thinking as well. The UK press has been brutal to her. I think it’s putting a strain on their marriage.

    1. She’s overspending, breaking rules and commitments and has embarrassing things pop up that need covering up constantly

      1. I’m not surprised in the least about Prince Harry. Never heard anything good about Markle. She sounds horrible and fake AF

      2. She is not overspeading. Breaking rules, yeah cause her mother n law did it. So what? QE gets tickle when the Duchess does it. If anything, QE approved the marriage. Everything the Queen request, engagements, etc… Meghan does them. So don’t come up here lying! I got five good friends in England and they all say she’s good! The problem is those folks can’t except that she is bi-racial. Point, Blank, PeriodT!$$

      3. exactly. He married a wanna be actress from the hood in LA that was on a reality tv show. Now he and everyone else isrealizing she came for that royal bag. It ain’t hard to tell 🙄

      4. Actually, Park View – Windsor Hills is a Black Wealthy area. You read right. BLACK AND WEALTHY! Second, Meghan already been secured her bag! She was already rich before she became a Duchess. And Third, I need for you to do some homework before you speak. Because little do you know, Meghan is a trust fund baby. BOOM!!! Didn’t know that huh?

  2. Thank you G! I never would’ve guessed those. I’m so sick of The Game. I remember when that girl in London was saying he got her pregnant. He is beyond disgusting, pregnant or not

  3. Whats going on with the prince? Is it dealing with the racism? Yeah, thats hard.

    The game is.. Yuck.

  4. What is going on with Prince Harry? Is it the press in the UK? They have been pretty brutal to Meghan and their marriage. Is Meghan difficult to deal with, it has been reported that she is, but never really beleobe it be true. How is Meghan adjusting to all of this?

  5. They gone run him into the ground like they did his mother….people look at her see that she’s black and assume it’s her…no it’s just the pressure of racism and the fact that no matter how perfect she appears they’re going to rip her to shreds because she’s black 🤷🏾‍♀️ This man is used to everyone going along with him and what he wants to do so yes it’s a huge adjustment to be constantly criticized about who you married. Annoying af she’s black and royalty….GET OVER IT!

  6. I was stumped for sure for the 1st one didn’t think it out all the way as I was reading. 2 I surely was not thinking about Game in any sense. I kinda figured 3 was about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because I said the same thing about they find something to state on them everyday. It’s annoying as hell – sure I get it she is black and racism is alive and well an will always be but enough is enough already, they should be able to live like anyone else.

  7. Poor Harry!!! There’s something about Megan that just don’t fit. Also why did they rush to marry?

  8. Lol omg would’ve never guessed #3. Add the word “royal” in there next time to give me a hint 😂😂

  9. The Game yes! Not Prince Harry… Unfortunately, loads of bad press about Meg and her behaviour (I don’t want to believe it).

  10. SOMEONE DID SAY PRINCE HARRY FOR THE LAST ONE AND IT TOTALLY FLEW OVER MY HEAD😱😱😱😱‼️‼️‼️‼️ But now it makes so much sense‼️‼️

  11. What it all boils down to it with Meghan is three things. Independent, A Feminist and Bi-racial. When you got those three things going on, its hard on a person. They wanted Harry to marry a white woman. Sorry folks, Harry is color struck. She isn’t after the money, she got that. She want to be human.

      When British exits and things get scarce somebody is gonna have to declare war so having a LSLH dutchess might help sooth PR issues bcuz the rest of them royal hoes is oigly and unwilling to put their name on the line on that public level.

  12. Nah I hear Megan isn’t the girl next door type despite of trying to sell that image. She’s a known yatcher. She’s fond of cocaine and she just is interested in being a celebrity.

    1. spill that tea honey. Megan been trying to get that bag since she was on The Bachelor or whatever competing for the ring. Now they trying to make her into Snow White.

    2. Nope! Wrong! Rumors. In that the case, that college she went to Northwestern, it ain’t fucking cheap! She is not a yatcher nor a powder head. I ran a background on her. She is legit! Hey, don’t hate on me that I can do that. O am good at what I do.

  13. They’re racist and mad af that he chose a black woman instead of a pale. That’s it. That’s all.

    1. Exactly! Meghan comes from money! Park View -Windsor Hills is a Black Wealthy neighborhood. That area ain’t cheap!

  14. Oh no. Not Prince Harry!! You need to fill us in. There’s just so many stories out there and I don’t know what to believe anymore.
    And who the hell is giving the game chances? I can’t stand him.

    1. He married a black woman and them folks across the pond can’t handle it. Hell, the white women couldn’t handle Harry. It took Meghan to do so.

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