September 26, 2022

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38 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/27/19 I said What I Said

  1. 2 comments: a) How much more can Oprah blackball Monique? She already not getting any decent gigs and nobody in Hollywood fucks with her. b) I’d love to see how this Rihanna and Hassan relationship works out in the long term.

    1. I agree that’s like the one show I DON’T want spoilers, we could’ve gotten a warning or something.
      I’m also pissed off about the Big Sean comment.

      1. Tasha is about the most trifling dope dealer wife ever so if that prediction is right, I won’t be hurt. Oprah got skeletons in her closet too, I don’t remember anything about Weinstein or Epstein from her mouth so she knows her place and needs to chill. I think Rihanna’s gonna pull a Janet Jackson move with Hassan.

  2. Ready for Rih to get engaged 😀

    I’m surprised blanket gonna get into the business I always got the impression he would be the kid that stayed lowkey and just enjoyed being filthy stinking rich.

    I don’t even watch power but I can already see people mad that the black woman dies and the Hispanic chick/side chick survives AND gets the spinoff

  3. Now why did you spoil Power like that?? 🙄 Anywho… Hell….how much more blackballed Monique get? And yes that calling her husband daddy is annoying and creepy as fuck.

    1. Yes it’s creepy hearing women call their men daddy and still call their dad “daddy” since i was younger i said im never calling my dad daddy it was always weird to me

      1. G please tell me: why did Beyoncé pull that shit now that thanks to her Rih has a career. She never said that before but yet the minute Rih is announced as making the most money Beyoncé comes with that shit. I mean really? What is her problem? This woman seems to never be satisfied. You are the biggest star, you have so much money, plenty awards, a happy family (allegedly) and still seem to not want to see anyone else shine.
        But yet she’s out here acting like she lives to empower and uplift other women. That’s so fake!

  4. Why would you put spoiler of Power? Like what was the point? I hope I am not paying for a blog that will give me spoilers of my fav show. That was not cool

  5. Black ppl we do each other so wrong.. she hurting and nobody is coming to her defense. The truth is no body is gonna let any one get in the way of the bag

  6. I just watched Monique on the Steve Harvey show. I hadn’t watched it before. I feel so sorry for her. I really do. I believe that she was wronged because she didn’t want to play the “Hollywood” game. I agree with Steve that out of her anger she went about it the wrong way. All those she has a problem with are very powerful in Hollywood. Unfortunately, I don’t think that she will ever be accepted again. But maybe that’s not the worse thing that could happen to her. It could be a blessing. I wish her nothing but the best. She may never get the apologies that she feels she’s due. But hopefully, she can still heal.

  7. Why Tasha why not Angela ? I won’t be watching her show sorry. I’m rooting for everybody black.

    Surprised about blanket seeing as though he hasn’t been in the media in years.

    Robyn i love her & im mad too about that beyonce shit.

    Oprah is just mad more people are catching on to her fake ass that’s fucked up.

  8. Damn Ginuuuhhh! At least say “spoiler alert” next time! Angela kinda bores me… A whole show of her own??? I’ll pass. Big Sean better than Kendrick? I think you’re speaking to soon on that one G… Congrats to Rihanna! Looks likes she’s making it out alive and with her sanity, I hope… and yes, Monique needs to stop calling that man daddy in public.

  9. I do believe that Rhianna will get engaged. I just don’t know if she will go thru with the marriage.

    I figured Rhianna would be pissed about that Beyonce lie

  10. Don’t worry rih, your album will have more downloads and streams in the uk and us… i hope her and hassan work out.

  11. Big Sean is better than Kendrick is an opinion not a hot take.
    The Power spoiler was uncalled for
    And OITNB suicide? I haven’t watched that show in forever

  12. Wow you could have left the spoiler out. I hope it’s not true. I would not watch a show about Angela either I wanted them to kill when Tommy kept saying that shit.

  13. I respectfully disagree with Big Sean better than Kendrick statement… however, isn’t that more of an opinion than an hot take piece?

    That’s huge news for Power… What a major spoiler!! Lol

    We never hear anything aboutaBlanket (which is a VERY good thing), and don’t even know how this kid looks like. It’ll be interesting to see how he goes about his life as he gets older.

    Rihanna built her empire on her own she didn’t need Beyonce to help her with anything. Why is people really trying to discredit this women’s success. I actually think she succeeded more than Beyonce in other areas outside of music. Nobody doesn’t want to admit that Rihanna is more successful than Beyonce in the Fashion and Beauty industry. She is right to be pissed- I’d be too.

    Orange is the New Black is a show I haven’t really gotten into. Maybe one day l’ll watch the whole thing. However, Taryn Manning going on that tangient out of no where was very strange… something is up with that whole thing.

  14. 💜💜💜 the best one I’ve read so far. Yes I agree Chris and Drake No Guidance is making waves. I need a tour and an EP as well. TB for life 🤣. Rihanna is very private and I am happy for my Bajan goddess. If she goes through with this, she is smart, I wish her the best. I already knew Beyoncé had nothing to do with her success. She could hardly manage her own success. Rihanna excel in fashion, music, and makeup. Beyoncé has never been a trendsetter for anything. P.S. I love this “I said what I said.”

  15. I’m mad that i read that about power.. now Ima be watching the new season waiting to see how & why she dies 🤦🏽‍♀️

  16. Glad that ghost is going to get his own show! I was going to ask if you had any spoilers. Thanks for that! Didn’t really care about whether or not Angela was anywhere to be seen. Surprised to hear that Tasha will be killed off of the show though. Any Tommy spoilers? I know, I’m greedy! LOL!

    As far as Nas telling Noriega what he would answer, there’s no surprise there. That’s how most interviews are done. That’s why when people come on Wendy they’re either there with full disclosure or they’re there with questions that have already been sent by their publicist. So that didn’t surprise me at all. In fact, I would expect that.

    Robin has her $$$ in her own national bank so her deposits hit different than Giselles ?

    Curtis knows there is no happy ending to the drug game so expect the worst.

    Prince JJ has the advantage of being able to work with 100s of unreleased MJ demos so if he has the chops to pull it off he is going to the top easy.

    Orange is bullshyt bcuz Piper should have been out of jail as a 1st time offender since season 2 !

    Ken has to channel darkness to be elite lyricist but Sean is normally lyrical and avoid the darkness so i can see why G would say that + Mad City was the leftover Detox album vs Dark Fantasy was sposed to had been Seans album but he let Ye keep that energy for himself ? Cud took on too much of Ye wierd energy and went crazy so Sean noped out of emulating any outrageous ideas so IDK neither is better than oluWale on a good day !

  18. What’s your opinion on big Sean’s tweets to Jhene? And the subliminal Ariana grande posted on iG?

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