September 26, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 7/28/19

    1. Right I knew the second one instantly because there have been many rumors surrounding him and underage girls😒😒

  1. 1. Lori Loughlin
    2. The game
    3. Brad pitt?? He did an interview recently about retiring. He said he hopes to wake up one day and maybe organically retirement will happen or maybe he wont wake up and thats the reason he retired. Thats a crazy statement. So whats really going on where he just cant retire?

  2. Lori Laughlin

    The Game- He is gross to me now… I used to be a huge fan of his when I was a teenager and early 20s. Then I got older and heard his shenigans messing with these very young girls, and keep dogging his two youngest children’s mother.

    The third one I need more hints… It could go alot of ways.

  3. 1. Becky with the Good Hair- Lori Laughlin
    2. The Game. Can’t stand his ass. One of the very few people I can’t separate his talent from his personal life
    3. I’m truly lost on this one

  4. I agree with 728191 (The Game)! He is disrespectful to women, and a pedophile. I remember when he was dating India (before she turned 18), and called her his “Queen”, no one batted an eyelash. Even that 15 year old who said she was pregnant in England and allegedly he was the father. Apparently it came out later that she lied about being pregnant by him (they said that was her mother’s newborn), but he NEVER said he did not sleep
    with that little girl. Disgusting.

  5. Prince Harry was an interesting guess for #3, maybe because of the racial thing? Or Meghan’s American ways? Kanye was my first guess though…

  6. Yeah I have a friend who is obsessed with Jayceon. And I definitely believe he impregnated that girl. From my understanding, him and that thugged out manager of his paid the mom to say that the baby is hers. And that was the reason that he took that long-ass social media break. Trying to let it die down before they came back with the story that everybody will believe. But it wasn’t even a story that he said publicly, he just kind of let it ride out.

    And since I’ve been following this blog, you guys have used “SOUGHT” instead of “SORT”. Mentioned it before and it still keeps happening. So I won’t say anything else. If you’re comfortable than I’m comfortable.

    1. If it bothers you that much you can have your dollar back and That will be that. My admin has a lot on her plate and so do I. I am the only person writing and I am trying to write fast and leave it to her to proofread. Now if you want to you can be the proofreader for free if it bothers you so much. I apoloigze if getting the sugar isn’t enough for you but if you like to take on that responsibility and you can do it perfectly let me know

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