August 16, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Dispel: The Rumors we have heard so much that we just took them as true.Were they??

  1. I don’t blame Mya I mean I would be mad too if there was a rumor that I slept with jay z ugh idk what they see in him

  2. Wow, I remember my mom telling me that Elvis said that and that was in the early to mid 70’s. Glad to know it wasn’t true.

  3. I am still trying to understand what any woman saw in Jayz or how they can kiss him. His lips looks like a butthole. eww

    The TribalQueen aka Foolish was the kept woman this whole time but it seems like Foolish kept herself together and still
    tries to work so Giselle just says okay you do have some talent just stay over there out my way from now on. Why hasnt Giselle linked with Foolish after all these years ? Country Grammar gave it away like why do ppl assume he the worst cheater check HER BODYCOUNT and Tribal said yep I been out here too so she doesnt miss him or want him back IDK but even that comedienne wanted a piece of dat booty so maybe she still a hot girl IRL ?

    LoveLikeWhoa got caught up in the spin cycle when all the labels merged 10+ years ago. She opted NOT to screw for tracks one time ? and just wanted to get assigned to the right subsidiary but some other R&B chick gave a better yacht trip and Whoas best album got leaked and ruined. She proved that it leaked after she turned it in and it was sposed to password protected by the label until shipping date. Whoa settled $ but her problem is she still hasnt aged much so when she danced with the stars labels was like aw shyt she hasnt fallen off yet WTF ? Now my only ? is how does she channel her protective ancestors is that why she survived thus far bcuz EVERYBODY wanted a piece of dat booty even females and she still doesnt have a man IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

    Elvis maybe didnt say that but Buddy Holly Pasty Cline was the one that said comment bcuz back then wyte artist would chart higher than blak artist singing the same damn song so he made it seem like wyte fans bought both artist music but other foriegners were the difference between going platinum or gold in those times. Radio TV venues advertisers etc = integrated in USA but still predjudiced overseas SMH

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