October 6, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Ask G The Sugar Is In The Answers Rihanna, Hassan, Drake

    1. Bobbi Kristina went on Twitter and said that Angela Bassett was not a natural born woman she was born a man and when she got into Hollywood they turned her into a girl to market her. Within weeks of saying that Bobbi Kristina was dead.

  1. I think if Melissa isn’t on board with Hassan it’s because she feels it’ll cut into her being around Rihanna cause Hassan is gonna want his wife by his side and walking a straight line. That also is gonna mean less partying, and that would be kinda selfish of Mel. They have done more than enough partying it’s time to settle down and get serious which I’m glad Rihanna is doing. Maybe Mel feels like there is nothing else she can do besides being Rihanna BFF and enjoying those benefits.

    1. Mel has a boyfriend too though so she shouldn’t be too concerned about rih relationships anymore they all older now soo…

    2. I think that is exactly what is going on with Mel. Sure she has a man now, but she misses the high life off Rhianna’s dime.

  2. I think Melissa (and also Rihanna’s brother) really like Drake, but they know better than to intervene. Rihanna makes up her own mind. I’m sure that Drake wishes he could go back in time and undo whatever…

    1. Yeah i know Drake commented on Mels pic a while ago & said my sister 4 life & she said yess my brother 4 life. I mean i would expect for them all to have some kind of relationship with him considering that him & rih were off & on for so long

  3. Drake ain’t going back to Riri, the rumours on LSA are talking about how much he sacrifice for her. I’m annoyed that he makes less than and has lowered his pay. I’m ready for him to go back and collect money owed on songs he given and never received full payment for.

  4. Melissa has been with Rihanna from the beginning
    She has done photography for quite a while
    Her hat thing she started after Rihanna began to get serious with Hassan was a flop
    Drake was cool with all of Rihanna’s friends and family, they were rooting for them but Drake had way too many other women
    Rihanna and Hassan were secretly dating before her public break from Drake
    That is one of the reasons she was not trying to entertain his very public displays of love and devotion
    She knew Drake was going to do exactly what he went on to do and she knew Hassan was real option for her
    After all the public pain and heartbreak she went through with Chris and Drake, she deserves a happy married life with children and I hope she gets it

  5. I just read up about switch ups on the ig page😪😪😪. I’ve heard this about her before.

  6. I feel like nobody likes Hassan because he’s a more serious guy. Specially her family. They all seem to be benefiting from her. At some point she has to think of herself. Like you can not expect her to take care of All of you for ever. I’m sure she hit all of them up with good amounts of funds. They like Drake because he’s about the party life. But they won’t comment on anything because SHE’s the bread winner. Make your own money and you won’t have to worry about shit. Whatever happened to her younger brother? You don’t see much of him. you only see the other one.

  7. I sincerely hope Angela isn’t a switch up, been crushing her for years… say it AIN’T so!

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