July 1, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/25/19

  1. Epstein
    Fire Look at God
    And yeah Monique be careful
    What’s going on with draya she posted a video slamming those separation rumors

    1. So there was ANOTHER fire on Epstein’s island???? There’s a pic going around of a fire on the island but it’s old, not recent… If there was another recent fire then that’s crazy!!!

      1. Shit Little James Island ain’t so big. And why would an idiot like Epstein would buy an island and know good and damn well that island is in a direct path for hurricanes during hurricane season? Damn Dummy!

  2. I feel so bad for Lela, my sister has Lupus and its a very tough thing to deal with. I hope she gets EVERY penny she can for the PUBLIC humiliation.

  3. Oh Lordt! Will Diddy treat Lori the way he treated Cassie?
    Is Jordyn obsessed with Khloé? First Tristan now James?

    1. Oh yes ma’am! Lori will be no different than the others. Why? Because Diddy loves control. Now, I have no problem about her dating an older guy. My first friend was 45 and I was 19 and the one I am with is 67 (With his fine good looking self) and I am 43. The only problem I see wrong with this is Diddy is going to break Lori’s self esteem down and put them paws on her. And at that point, what was the purpose for Steve to talk to Diddy about Lori when the late Kim Porter dad did the exact thing what Steve did and Kim still got that ass beat. Plus, Steve better be careful himself. All it take is one swift move and his ass ia done!

  4. Why hasn’t Drake made more money? Will he not do what the Elites want? I wondered if his Baby Mama was some sort of humiliation (or he’s just stupid).

    1. Probably because a lot of over head goes into that brand and has to paid for. Sure that line is successful, but what does it take for promo and etc. The Elites could definitely have hand it because they usually do. But this seems to be another one of the cases where these celebrities SEEM to be doing extremely well, but really aren’t(I mean 34 million is nothing to sneeze at, but still…). Part of how the Elites continue sell the dream.

  5. 😮 a few months ago this psychic on YouTube was saying Drake should watch out for someone close to him stealing money 🤔
    Monique does need to watch out talking about Whoopi and Oprah they both got evil in them.
    I dont like Lori with Diddy aint no telling what kinda sick shit he’ll have her doing.

  6. That’s why Nicole called the paps to begin with. She’s trying to get that bag by any means necessary!

  7. Lori knows full well what she’s doing and what she’s getting herself into. It’s disgusting and the amount of people praising her is sickening.

    Is Lori that ambitious to make her own dad expendable to the cabal ? Mr NoWayOuts back is against the wall and he needs a hot young thing to replace all the kitten training he put into Cassandra ? Notice he wants to bring the reality show back now ?

    Anybody who stars in that womans movie their career will really be dust after taking direction / making an offering to that energy vampire . Why didnt she ever make a dance documentary type movie like ugotserved bring it or rhythm city yet ?

    Funny how KR defended his colorstruck opinions and now her own sister dropped the darkskin anthem glorifying how beautiful KR is LMAO ? Funny how their father said KR didnt get further bcuz she was too dark and now her sister is opposing their fathers statements and bigging KR beauty up ? Giselle might have had her ways but finally admitting your sister is now the flyest one is a big gesture coming from her LOL !

    IDK but Mo can say what she wants now bcuz Harpo aint gonna try it while Donald is on the watch Harpo better keep her mouth shut and take it before she wind up on that Gilligans island guest list too ! Donald is waiting for Harpo to declare for the race so he can drop receipts on her whole crew LMAO ALLEDGEDLY.

    IDK ALLEDGEDLY but Diamond really used to / was willing to square up with ppl exes on sight NM just slithers around and takes “ugly”/ darkskin womens men and plays cute . Diamond feels superior bcuz she believes in the bible ? and pray for forgiveness and feels NM is an atheist that just out for $ but she cant snag a wyte man with real $$$ . Do yall think maybe LR sent NM to air her husband out and this is all part of the plan ?

    ? Damn so was the NBA title a ritual and KL2 wanted no further parts and got back to LA asap ? Bodies drop when ppl needs an offering so he better not ask them for none of that $ back neither thats why SBoy came out roasting ppl so hard before he got sat down for a timeout ?

    JW just need to get everything out of her system now bcuz once its time for JPS to marries her off to her “godbro” she gonna have to calm all that yacht life down for a min IDK ALLEDGEDLY i just thought Id share LOL.

  9. I like LR but, there have plenty of rumors of her messing with other female husbands in the past. I can’t believe LH and PD, yuck.

  10. Diddy and Lori …just too much for me to take in. Nicole just wrong, I don’t think she cares that he’s married.. Why would Oprah reach out to Monique now

  11. Ok, Steve and Diddy had the “talk”. That means nothing for Lori. Sure Steve talked, but watch how Diddy is gonna STILL screw her over. Diddy has 20 kids and is 70 years old 😂. He hasn’t changed NOT one bit. He still is trash. Lori and the “talk” won’t stop the show. Especially, since she messed with the son 1st! He truly won’t respect her. Lori gotta stop these hoe tails 😂.

    Nicole always gave me hoe vibes.

    Lisa won’t talk because she was fortunate to do her hoeing during the time of no social media 😂. Back when all we had to rely on was word of mouth and people being in the right place at the right time to see lol.

    Poor Lela

    The Elites want this Epstein mess gone gone. It is too big. It will implicate a lot of them. By any means necessary, they gonna get rid evidence.

    Congrats to Drake. I wish I could “just” pocket 34 million dollars 💰💰.

    Oh Jordy…

    Kelly, girl, ok we are gonna let you believe that lol. It doesn’t matter if you were way across the world, if you had access to internet and were able to go on social media and like stuff, you had the ability to know what was up lol. But ok, we get it lol.

  12. it cant be a coincidence that as soon as this story broke, news of the Eddie Murphy Netflix deal broke…not sure if its great marketing but im sure this was planned to get the social media buzz going…it worked too

  13. I’m not shocked about Lori as she doesn’t mind be kept for 10 years as long as she paid for, if you know what I mean.
    Why is my OVO babes being treated like this and I want him to paid back a lot of money by middle 2020. I feel like he has a good hand to play with the industry.

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