September 26, 2022

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34 thoughts on “PSA On the Pre-Sale

  1. I was able to log in but disappointed did not receive the immediate reply you indicted on your Instagram page😏

  2. I just sent an email. Since paying i have been downgraded and am “unauthorized” to view anything. My subscription went from active to inactive. I still have time on my 6 month subscription.

  3. Great! I am glad you all were able to get in. There should be no further issues. The email that says subscription was “downgraded” is just an internal message that occurs when you purchase more than one membership. It does not affect your account.

    1. It affected mine. Can you please check an email from wright428@gmail. Its saying saying I’m unauthorized. I checked my subscription. The only active one is heavens. This one is inactive. I should have 2 months left.

    2. There’s still a problem with me logging in. It’s still saying that I’m unauthorized to view the contents.

  4. I have a question I paid the 5 dollars for heavens but then said I was unauthorized for g when I was logged in. So I paid the dollar to get to see Gs got a email saying i have been downgraded. When heavens goes up do I sill have access.

    1. Lexi93 you have to pay a dollar to get back in your account. I had to renew my account after I pay for the heaven Hollywood blog. I pay for 6 months for this blog. My account wad downgraded after I pay $5 for heaven blog. I have the emails. I hope I still get the tea from the new blog. Hope this help

  5. I have 2 months left and although I logged out and logged back in It’s still saying that I am unauthorized to view the contents

  6. I am still unable to view anything, it’s still saying that I’m “unauthorized” and I still have 2 months left on my subscription. I’m just going to call it a loss, I should be studying anyway.

  7. I sent an email with a screenshot of my payment days ago and I’m still getting the “unauthorized” message.

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