August 16, 2022

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30 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks

  1. Why did that person call Naomi African American when she’s a whole Jamaican? Just say black lol. Anyway thanks for the tea!

    1. I was about to say this she’s not African American she’s British Jamaican it’s easier saying black 🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. I love me some Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. Although, I do feel like Naomi was always true to herself, while Tyra tried to put on a front. Still two of the baddest models to ever grace a runway 😍

  3. I love that they could make history as two of the biggest black model icons. But I hate the way the industry pits black women against each other. You rarely see that with white people. History repeats itself in every part of the arts. Look now how they are doing nicki with ___. Even though I don’t consider her black they will argue it till they’re blue in the face. I wish we had power over our success instead of jews we’d rule the world.

  4. Wowwwwwwwwwww 😨😨

    But I was cracking up at Naomi responses 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 talking bout “I SAID THAT”???? o could just FEEEEEEEL the sarcasm‼️‼️

  5. What does it mean, Naomi was basically sold into the modeling industry.
    When making those type of statements,please provide actual examples.

    1. Well G got the real back story but selling models is what it sounds like these rich agency men train young models and then bid on them like an auction when it time to go pro IDK its almost like a MLB draft they can trade 2 for 1 trade past or future draft picks go half on a model send model to the minor leagues etc. So if Cellphone is loyal to her league and Forehead is trained to be loyal to her league and friends die or get strung out in the process over the years + they target the same men they have animosity and probably will never be cool.

      My ? is G if they are both really dealt with Jeff he will throw them under the bus as a part of his plea deal. So Donald is sideyeing both of them like pick a side ! Donald managed beauty paegants resorts and casinos he knows how the game works !

      These women might even both have to promise to bow down to the FLOTUS and be sidekicks to her and KKW if NC considers a supermodel like TB to be beneath her level she would never bow down to an inferior like KKW. So do yall think they will cower down and save their necks or stay fab and go down swinging ?
      JDickinson was on Donald show before and he told her to stay out of DrCliff lawsuit Aunt Becky agreed to bow down thats why she hasnt been sentenced yet IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

    2. If you have been on this blog before you will see I have given several examples. You cannot sign a contract at 16 so who has to sign it? Her parents or her guardian and they prety much sign her over to a Guardian in the industry most of the time some pervert man that takes these models and makes them go to other countries first to build up clout. The parents basically get up front money so they sold their child into the industry

      1. You know what G my dad was telling me a few months ago that when he used to work for a taxi firm in Streatham (where she is from) he used to pick her up and drop her places all the time. I’ll ask him what he knows 😉 x

  6. Tyra talks about Naomi being mean, rude, and bullying her. But Tyra did a lot of the same things to the contestants on ANTM. Yea she might have did it subtle SOMETIMES, but you could see it. Not to mention the Black contestants on the show * Yaya enters the chat* lol.

  7. But Tyra is rude and fake herself. Met her several times at work and her personality is quite different than what she shows on TV.

  8. Omg G! Loved it ❤️ Sorry, I don’t usually comment cuz I’m more kept and shy but lately I’ve been chiming in more, especially with the help of Heaven’s lives. You guys really went in. I thought I’d be just the modeling stuff they had issues with…like literally ended there but then the twist with 50 at the end🤪. Imagine adding your own mini movies 🤗to these Hollywood stories as a way of telling/sharing them 🤔. Sorry just kinda thinking out loud on a blunt 😘 Anyways, thanks guys ❤️ For the sugar, really enjoyed it. Shugahbaybie👋

  9. I think both are beautiful women who successfully established themselves well amongst a career that was highly competitive, especially for women of color. One thing I’m curious about is maybe NC made her way in a little more scandalous. No one really talks about her connection with Jeffrey Epstein. You mentioned before she slept with JFK JR. Maybe she’s a middleman for the elites. Pillow talking with JFK JR could’ve led to his demise. What if NC was secretly collecting intel for the Elites. Lmao one of my crazy conspiracy theories for crazy Hollywood.

  10. why we all can’t just get along.. but tyra will always have one up she had a shows, a movies and a baby

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