August 15, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 7/23/19

  1. Y’all report a new blind item about Nicki’s career ending every week…… Find a new subject cause this one is tired 😴

    1. It’s an ongoing topic and now Nicki is finally listening which is a new thing, so G reported it. Can’t tell this woman what she can and cannot post.

    2. From what I got… not saying I’m right but they can’t control what kinda sugar comes up. And they can’t just make up stories either.

  2. “She’s ready to move her in after one kiss”? Who did Wendy kiss? Give us a hint ? I mean I need some kool aid with this sugar..

  3. 7234 – Wendy Williams and Blac Chyna? I mean what other relationship has she been really putting out there as a new found “friendship”…

  4. Nicki is still a A+ list celeb though. She gets offered millions to perform, no other female rap artist is bringing that in for shows.

      1. R&B legend diva Mimi.

        April from B2K or Breezy old girl both are attractive and can be considered C list actresses at least bcuz they only play the same types of roles.

        Sherri the talk show host that talked about being a virgin / celibate before she got married bcuz she was devoted to the bible and she cant judge what a good man is bcuz she really doesnt know and never dated ? That sounds like a woman who move a guy in after one date bcuz she hates to be lonely IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

      Might be the black dutchess or might be the black preachers wife (aka Cousin Skeeter) bcuz ex actress is the perfect cover to be a madam + she knows what actresses are having trouble finding work since she struggled herself.
      IDK ALLEDGEDLY the British 007 gang does not play any games so IDK ALLEDGEDLY !

  5. I believe that about Lala. She’s friends with everyone. Didn’t she have a reality show about ig models that was supposed to come out??

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