October 4, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Word Has It – 7/21/19

  1. This is Toni Braxton, who reported her 2.5 mil engagement ring stolen. She’s in court over it.

  2. Of topic but Is it true that Lil Nas X isn’t really gay he’s pretending to be for clout fame and money… 🤔 industry shit

    1. Nah he really gay. He was a popular Nicki fan page before he got big and once he did and signed to Atlantic he switched up on Nicki and became team Cardi like everyone else. Everyone that remembers him as nas maraj knew he was gay, I think he was out openly and then went back in the closet just to come back out lol

  3. Im a need y’all to take some of this donation money and get a proofreader or something geesh lol this is a mess.reload it………love y’all though. Not complaining at all before we get a fucking A rant from G lol I AM NOT ONE OF THE COMPLAINERS LOL

  4. I thought that story sounded fishy and I wonder what Birdman has on her cause I know they aint in love. Toni is one of my idols but I have to call it how I see it.

  5. But i thought When they “beards” or “contract relationships” that the record label pay for the rings n shit like that. Chile #theghetto

  6. I thought u said before that she lied about having it stolen in the first place.. so this doesn’t even surprise me much lol

  7. So she tried a Klan move , but the problem is you have to have a track record of flawless VS1 VVS and above appraisals in your portfolio in order to fool Lloyds on a bad day. Chapter 711 and bad credit plus SI quality and lab created wont get you a $2.5M based on somebody vacuuming your ring. Its hard for a prestigious dealer to fence a diamond of that quality let alone a regular airport joe schmo! If $2.5 was on the line then nobody in that entire tarmac cleaning crew would be allowed to back to work until Customs Homeland FAA private investigators etc flipped everybody security clearance lives upside down to shake that ring out. At least the Klan hired some real ex agents to run a siege operation to make it look believable IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

  8. They arrested the thief who worked for delta who the his coworkers snitched ..that why she was able to face him in court

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