October 6, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The Truth About Nicki Minaj’s “Queen Radio” Being On Power 106 Instead Of Apple

  1. I really hate that she just has to lay down & take it but i get the rules of the industry. She knew what it was when she sold out to lucy ig no one is off limits. Except I feel like black ppl have it harder ofc as always. I hope she gives up rebelling too so her legacy won’t be anymore tarnished. She’s so stubborn though lol we’ll see.

    1. No one gets out clean, but I think some people believe they can fight it or that they are above it. A mentality like that PLUS being stubborn is a deadly combo

    2. Yeah no one gets out unscathed and your right black people get it even worse. Only time white people get it just as worst, is when they tied up in something that involves black people damn near smh I just wish she would go into acting, fashion, etc. before the elites try to blacklist her there too.

    3. I hope Nicki Minaj new movie anger bird 2, will do good. It comes out August 14. If she do well in this movie and the people like it. Will this open up the door for her to be in more movies? I hope so because she need another career move. Please let’s not talk about Nicki no more until August 14. G you have talk about Nicki enough. Everything you said was true. I’m a fan of hers but I’m tired of talking about her. And she still will that no good man. All the men in the world she could have fuck. She chose this fool. She could have just fuck the mail man. Nicki need to shut up and move on before they clone or kill her ass. Also she have act in movies before this is nothing new for her. I just hope they will let her do more. When the movie drops please tell us more about her acting. Thanks for everything. I still love Nicki, but I think that everyone on her can take a break from Nicki Minaj.

  2. this is so sad.. i really feel bad for nicki.. ): i guess once the industry gets tired of you, they get tired of you… and just throw you away.

  3. I wonder if this is the hardest deactivation the elites has to do. Cuz the way they tried to get rid of her she still doing great. It’s too the point they making it obvious they want to deactivate her. She not going down without a fight

  4. Tbh I just feel like that’s a clone and If that’s the real Nicki she just needs to leave that industry for good. I will never understand why these people sell their souls for money and fame that ain’t going to last.

  5. Deactivation is real but what is Barb current status is she still under her original deal did she graduated to the parent company or did she resign 360 after Tunechi abdicated YMCMB last year?

    Is Barb being punished because she didnt give up on her brother or because she refuses to let the last remnants of YM come to an end? Barb would rather hang onto her YMCMB terms than resign because going from a A list venture at the time to a new 360 venture now would make her look silly trying to compete with Cardigan and Thee for the same 360 pennies SMDH!

    1. G said that Queen would be Nicki’s LAST platinum album, and everything AFTER wouldn’t chart as high. And also if you notice Queen didn’t go platinum straight out the gate even though the numbers qualified for it. That was the elites doing, and then months after the release and making everyone call the album trash they then come out and say ooops Queen did go platinum our bad. Knowing people didn’t care anymore and again had already labeled it trash.

  6. Lol this crazy ……. Good thing I place my beliefs in God and not people in the industry being messy and spreading false info

  7. I have question. If the elites run everything how is it possible for Nikki to make a transition into acting, without some type of fuckery. I thought these people hand their hands in every facet of the entertainment industry. Or is it because it’s not music related/the music industry it’s a different set of rules/different ball game? Jus curious🤷🏽‍♀️

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