October 5, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/20/19

  1. Can we please get the true back story on this beef? It’s been on for nearly 25 years and I feel like there’s some background info we’ re missing

  2. Oh wow!! They doing tyra and naomi wrong! They need to give this 2pac and biggie stuff a rest! Lira galore is a certified hoe at this point! Reginae is embarrassing herself and lucci is manipulating her, she wants to be grown so bad that she is willing to hold on to him because he is so much older than her and she think having a hood nigga is cool! Girls trip sucks! Wait…omg they cloned jlo now?!? I understood where jermaine dupree was coming from! Spirit will never measure up to Circle of Life!

  3. Oh boy, Tyra and Naomi are at it again.

    Have mercy, what are they going to lie about on 2pac? These people won’t stop. Guess we better brace for impact on a new set of lies.

    I hope for Reginae’ s sake she doesn’t get knocked up. I know she saw a lot growing up with Toya and Wayne. Yea, Wayne might have been a good DAD to her, but I would hope that she we see that that type of man(dudes like her daddy) doesn’t make for a good spouse.

    Aubrey with her troubled azz needs to have several seats.

    Spirit might Flop, but you know the Elites are gonna cover it up. They can’t have one of their biggest agenda leaders(Beyonce) out here looking bad.

  4. I said the same thing about reginae..she’s young and impressionable and gna end up pregnant and a single mother by that 🤡

  5. Yes to spirit flopping lol

    Reginae seems like she wants to be pregnant by him anyway

    That’s funny on lira instastory she did say she wants one more

  6. I honestly tried listening to the LK soundtrack when it dropped on iTunes and didn’t like a single sing…kudos for incorporating African artists but it fell flat to me….like intention + potential- heart… and maybe the intention was self-serving and that’s why it isn’t any good… just my opinion..

  7. They shoulda left the original lion king alone. They making this about beyawnce, I heard the original was better. I see Lira back to hoeing again. Chile these ig chicks are a mess. Reginae is young and full of cum, anyone can see that Lucci is trash except for her. They need to leave pac alone, his die hard fans ain’t going for dat

    1. It’s literally the same movie just live action & a few voice changes.. what are you talking about? I know plenty of ppl that seen it & said it was Good

  8. Dam jlo is cloned smh and Reginae needs to sit her wanna be hot girl ass down somewhere shit lucci really dnt want her he just like the fact of who she is and making her look hella stupid. She so loud she like the attention. She should be more like Zonnique. But Reginae gne end up just like her mama..a single parent then she’s gonna realize all this time she should’ve listened to her mom!! And they need to leave 2Pac tf alone…PERIODT!! Girls Trip..man idk wat to think about that and y is BSimone and the Vee chik on there?? Lil Kim had them dam Austin powers boots on I’m like man wtf am i watching🤦🏽‍♀️ Chilli is most definitely not the one for that show. She already dnt want to do shit like get in the dam water. I mean I wouldnt Either but I’m not on tv😩

    1. Well zonnique bf bm just said he don’t do nothing for his child amh the same story all of em have when the relationship last longer than what they expect

      1. Oh idk that about her bf but i guess She seems like a sweet girl and she seems like she’s not loud like Reginae…the thing about Reginae is she’s like super spoiled and I’m sure Zonnique is too but Reginae just grown af.🤷🏽‍♀️

      2. Yeah reginae cocky with it as if she made all of the money but i wonder if she knows what happened to her dad because she said she really wasn’t around him until she turned 8

      3. Wat do u mean wat happened to her dad? Like him selling out?? Getting his ass dug out by Birdman??? And yes her lil thick ass is very cocky that’s y alot of ppl dnt like her and ddnt like her in school cause she say wateva because of who she is and think nobody will touch her. She’s a very pretty girl to me tho..her, Toya, and Zonnique are sum pretty chiks

  9. Can you do a story on this I’ll clone biz… damn I thought she was down and bruja and shit so I’m shocked she would be cloned

  10. I don’t usually use the word hate toward anybody, but I can definitely say that whack 100 is right there with me. I can’t stand his punk ass. I really can’t.

    Aubrey O’No, please take your ass somewhere and have a few seats! Now, not later

    I’d never heard about J lo being a clone. That interesting! If she is, where would they put the original?

    Lira already said that she wants another baby out of her own mouth. So her being knocked up wouldn’t be a surprise. Some people like to have their kids fairly close.

    Haven’t listened to beyonce’s album, not intrested in listening to beyonce is album, and if she flops I don’t think I would care in the least.

  11. They Naomi and Tyra haven’t fought yet? Spirit needs to flip there services sucks, y does Aubrey want Obama’s baby if she has a soulmate already?

    1. Ok lol at first I thought she was talking about the airline but i think she talking about beyonce song spirit😂

  12. Sorry, but i just heard a clip of nba toungboy song called MS. ALINDA and he said “ms.alinda, it was a symbol,had something to do with rituals”. This is very interesting

  13. She never gives us any real tea anymore. It’s just meaningless hot takes these days and stuff we already knew days late.

  14. I sweaaaaaar I been having this GUTT feeling Reginae is DEF gonna end up pregnant smh 🙄🙄🙄🙄💯💯💯💯 I swear I been feeling that real strong lol

  15. reginae bet not havnt she learn anything bout been around auntie tiny monica and her mama
    toy just mad cause wendy being a better mother to cyna then her.. you can’t be mad the child you never wanted is making something of her self
    but why is jlo getting a clone

  16. I’m not surprised about Reginae. She grew up romanticizing the dynamic between her parents. She’s following in their footsteps.

  17. TB and NC are still beefing over some NY art scene stuff 30 years later IDK ALLEDGEDLY they started back since Haring and Basquiat days and it just spiraled from there. So if Tyson is down with NC and Babyphat is down with TB then are they still holding onto their old factions all these years later when everybody else moved on? Is Melania and Ivana still claiming their factions? Or does TB know that when Jeff goes down NC is going down too so she is trying to bow down to Donald so she wont get smited by the Southern District too hard? Like TB is legit trying to save NC even though she really doesnt like her?

    Wak keep pushing the line when Mr Naughty was already gonna whoop him, Lil EZ too, and Iron Mike lured him to his new show and went upside his head and he still wants to be down with Harpo and that crew so bad LMAO he is obsessed with trying to overdo Mr Knight he is clout chasing everything he can and it still wont work bcuz Afeni cursed him before she passed so he better get his ice packs and his knee pads ready!

    Galore must be a snake charmer bcuz she keep snagging guys with new $$ money and onto the next.

    Whats the sugar with this girl ALLEDGEDLY IDK being told to get tested and she wont listen i hope to the creator that not true I dont even want to discuss subject that any further SMDH!

    Japan considers Gwendolyn an ally of the Klan and not her daughter. Does anybody get the sense that this new show is Hongkong auditioning whether her mom Japan is expendable or not? Like is Japan is trying to save Hongkong from winding up a zombie like College Dropout and thus leaving her kids under full Klan control – i honestly believe Japan would rather have her Hongkong hate her so she can stay alert around the Klan vs being indifferent and winding up a Klan puppet. Hongkong better realize that College Dropout would give up that $1B to get Donda back !

    Supaman12 used to be a top NBA player b4 he got introduced to MDMA and shed his inhibitions so he is literally incapable of playing with the same arrogance and mean streak that made him a MVP player before he has a whole team of potential #1 draft picks offspring so IDK maybe this is his retirement ritual?

    Dont yall find it interesting that they sent these 3 particular divas on a YACHT TRIP of all things to do in life?!!! LMAO its like G dont even got to prove it nomore they are basically admitting what they all about LOL!!!

    Flygirl @ 50 = she been on that same Bonds that her fiance was on so its hard for a cougar to lose estrogen weight when its was already been depleted so much beforehand ! IDK but that her type of magik Flygirl is on wont respond to clones as much as if she empties out and let a new essence take over. Rewatch the booty video she did with Australia closely to see how she ritual snatched that Melbournes little bit of essence she had left and Australia havent been able to have any form of luck since she worked with Flygirl.

    Yall complained about MonstersBall but realize this all was an ultimate coup against AJ ! MonstersBall done had AJ 1st husband AJ current husband AJ dad AJ ex boyfriend AJ side dude took the 007 role from AJ took the Jon Wick role and basically AJ cant buy a role while MonsterBall at least does one major film per year so IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

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