October 2, 2022

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21 thoughts on “HoeTails Oh They Smashed?

      1. I know they where high school sweethearts, plus I thought Kim meet Al B Sure at the heartbreaker world tour with New Edition, and he brought her to NYC in the late 80’s.

  1. Allegedly Mary J Blige was messing with Tupac, but one time he said her box stank when she was sitting on his lap

  2. Jenny was with Jeezy in his small hometown back in May…they are actually cute together…Diddy may have been doing him but I don’t think the mothers of his kids were missing any action either

    1. Talking bout Hawkinsville? I wish I would’ve known they were there! I would’ve went to be nosey.

  3. I remember hearing about Garfield and Chilli when I was a freshman in high school….also heard a rumor about Devante Swing and Chili,. Tboz and Treach interesting. Also interesting that Treach and Left Eye and then Andre Rison and Pepa…. so did Pepa hook up with Andre Rison to get back at Left Eye or vice versa? Jojo and Kim Porter I heard about and Misa and Suge I heard the rumor back in 97 I believe…hmmm

    I love this site thanks for the confirmations…
    Can we get Misa Hylton tea?

    1. She favor Chilli but she look just like her daddy…i mean just like him too..she pretty but she look just like that nigga lmao

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