August 16, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/17/19

    1. Cause it makes no sense how he cheat and get caught like it’s the doesn’t surprise anybody!! It’s just wat he do and wat she allow🤦🏽‍♀️

    2. I feel like she does yo but t.i. the type to try to kill her if he found out. You see how mad he got over the floyd shit.

  1. What pregnancy ?? When Travis has his real wife who isn’t Kylie, based on her last ig post, the break up announcement is coming.

  2. Ashanti having a successful comeback? I’m happy for her but I hope she ain’t doing that funny business that was mentioned earlier. She gave me hope because she hadn’t sold her soul

    1. Is KT bend over for that max contract ? I thought he deserved his money already but they traded for DLo quick so I hope not IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

    1. I’m guessing she letting them give her licky long time because trina had some and she’s around women whose known for 3somes and carpet munchin

  3. The navy needs to chill

    I noticed draya and Kylie and i saw draya with meg as well

    Ashanti just had a collab with pretty little things too

    People don’t understand its a DC thing when it comes to Tokyo and she’s a old school too

    Tiny needs a new man

    Tamar is annoying i never liked her

    I thought draya and orlando was already separated

  4. kylie-he ain’t gonna stay ask khole
    draya we figure been engaged for 3/4 years .. right now she needs the status upgrade
    ashanti by time
    tamar sit down he won’t marry you just a good look for now..

  5. I swear when I first seen Draya going on that trip with them, it looked like she was a chaperone 😂 she’s damn near 40 hanging out with 20 year olds, her oldest son is practically Kylie and them’s age. Shit is weird

    Every time TI gets caught he’s always doing the most in public for Tiny like those flower carnations he did the other day for her birthday while he was performing. I don’t know what’s keeping her back, other than the kids maybe, but I at least hope she has some side dick to play with. If not, then leave sis. I think even the kids be tired of their father’s shit. I don’t blame them

    I watched clips of Chyna’s show and couldn’t get into it. Sis needs to get an acting coach. Her mother on the other hand…..maaaaaaaan Idk what to think of her after the shit that came out her mouth. If you ask me though, it looks like she set her mom up so she can look like the victim and all the hate goes to her mom, hence why her mom had to explain her side of the story via IG. I could be wrong, guess we’ll find out eventually. The show seemed rushed

    1. and kylie’s too damn rich and young for a second child IMO. A child will never make a man stay. Might as well be a single mom with billions. sounds better than what she has with Travis….that is if there’s even any connection between the two

  6. Draya is looking like quit the opportunist. Why is a 34/35 y/o hanging around a 22 y/o? Then the next day she posted up with Megan who is the currently popular.

    I dont believe Kylie is pregnant, she been posting a lot of nudes lately & my guess is to catch someone’s attention because we all know Travis is busy entertaining is real gf Ro.

  7. I luv Ashanti but I definitely need to know is she trying to get her way back in , is she doing the ig model thing . . I think I asked this in ig

  8. “Ashanti puts out a hit” 😕 Of wat tho? Her records ALL flopped since she’s been independent,

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