September 26, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/16/19

  1. 1. Don’t feel sorry for Nicki. She wants to act hard. She wants all the smoke. Deal with the consequences.

    2. Don’t feel sorry for R. Kelly. He deserves everything that is coming to him.

    3. Cardi needs to go down. I put her in the same “bird” category as Nicki, Megan the Stallion, all of them. Trash.

    4. Meek needs to quit playing and change his life.

    5. Didn’t know much about Sweet Pea Whitaker.

    6. Miley is trash. You can’t save her. Liam messed up marrying her.

    7. Nicki deserves what she gets. She is not a victim.

    8. Giselle doesn’t deserve a Emmy. She can’t act or voiceover. She should stay in her lane. Singing and performing.

    9. We already knew Rihanna nor Nicki wasnt going to be on her album. She has never messed with Rihanna and visa versa. And she used Nicki and discarded her when the time came.

    10. I hope everyone involved in Hollywood and this Epstein case goes down. I hope God reserves Judgement on all of these people.

  2. Miley LOVE that black dick. Her very handsome, but stupid husband still deals with her BS…SMH. Liam is lovestruck and gullible to this woman’s discrections… Lol. Didn’t G reported that he agreed to do threesome’s with her, yet she still have to sneak of and fuck another guy? Liam NEEDS to leave her.

    I don’t see a career for Nicki in the music industry anymore… What a sad way she is going out. This makes me very sad.

    NO words for R.Kelly predicaments… 😵

    It’s safe to say we are all getting TIRED of Cardi and her fuckery. She cannot shut up.

    RIP to Sweet Pea.. such a tragic thing that happened to him. He was also hooked to drugs I heard. What a tragedy. My condolences to his family.

    The rich and elites are all corrupt and demonic. I hope that Epstein case exposes all of them (I know it will not).

    1. how is she playing the victim? Y’all really be hating and y’all be taking at personal tf Nicki ever do to you y’all weird

  3. i don’t know who in nicki ear but i hope she figuring out her next step
    hope this a lesson for cardi
    meek had a wake up call or someone called him 🤔
    i’m sick of hearing bout beyoncé i love her but i will not see that movie just cause she in it

  4. Wow. This is a lot. I’ll continue to ride for Nicki. It really pisses me off what they’re doing to her. I don’t like it. But I am proud of her for standing her ground. When you have a gift, you don’t let anybody just run you away from it. So I’ll stand by her always.

    I’m sick to my stomach knowing that Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, and all those other people laid down and fucked on little kids. That’s disgusting as fuck. And it seems like Hollywood will never be taken down for their sins.

      1. He’s a hip hop producer. He is known for making songs for the rap duo Rae Sremmurd. Miley was on a song of his, when she was going through her ratchet phase, on something with the Jordan brand name (can’t remember on top of my head the actual name of the song).

  5. G Nicki should have listened to you. I think she’s tried of this fake industry and I don’t blame her I just hope she’s carful because they will eventually kill her if she don’t keep quiet. I also want her to expose them but I am just scared for her tbh. She just need to leave take all the
    Money she has made and leave the industry also get right with God she has finally realized that they all fake
    Asf and they don’t really give any fucks about her. G can you give us the tea on what the industry doesn’t want her to spill?

  6. I figure Beyonce is gonna get some awards for Lion King. You can tell by how they are hyping it up. Even tho, from what I heard so far, her voice over is just as bad as her acting. But she is ALL in with the Elites, soo.

    Soon as I heard about the Epstein man, I knew more would be tied in. But as we know, those other names won’t come to light.

    I am not a Nicki fan, but it was clear as day what the Elites were going to do to her. She has served her purpose and they are throwing her away. There were times when she could have turned this in her favor, but she just sat. Good for her that she is spilling tea, but let’s be real she is only talking because she is being thrown out. If she would still be on the Elites good side we wouldn’t hear a peep. Home girl needs to come up with a solid plan b.

  7. Have y’all ever thought maybe Nicki song is just trash y’all acting like she putting out good material. This is the trap era. What she has been putting out no one wants to hear.

    R Kelly deserves everything he gets

    Miley should just marry mike then if she going to keep cheating on Liam

    Why would they give Beyoncé a Emmy for lion Kimg emmys are for television not movies do you mean Oscar.

    1. Is it part of the rituals to have sex with minors? Do they all have to do it or are they all just perverts??

      1. I think they are just perverts.. they already so used to fucking anything in hollywood, that they just don’t care anymore

  8. Lol it’s not a secret that people in the industry suck dick for tracks. I can see why they wanted it quiet though. Nicki probably just doesn’t care anymore.

  9. Can someone help me out? I don’t listen to queen radio, what secrets is Nicki telling? Initially I assumed you were referencing her Miley and Mike Will comment but then that was listed separately.

  10. I don’t really care for Nicki to care what is going on with her. I always thought that her music was trash since the very beginning of her career

    R. Kelly deserves what he gets but I am also not ready to hear any tragic story about him either.

    Dont care for Cardi or Meek mill.

    Miley is one confused chick and this is what happens when you marry too young. This girl barely knows herself and her Liam has to be the cutest dumb boy ever to still be dealing with her.

    I thought the Emmy’s were for TV? Why would she get an award? Her acting sucks and i am not sure why they included her in this movie. They practically ruin it for me because her voice is annoying..singing or “acting”.

    These hollyweirdos are disgusting asf. I hope they will go down.

  11. I feel like Nicki really don’t care about anything anymore. The way she reiterates she’ll die a legend I feel like she rather go out swinging than giving in.

    Is cardi b still a thing? Unless you follow her social media no one is talking about her and her songs aren’t doing great on the charts anymore.

    I don’t even care what happens to Rkelly. He deserves whatever comes his way.

  12. Wow everyone is fighting a losing battle – money rules all ..nick can’t win pediphiles won’t be beat

    1. Right the law and the government is always on their side, especially if you got the right complexion for the protection😑😑😑look at Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen, Tom Hanks, the list goes on…

  13. What’s the tea on Mandy Moore she didnt sell her soul that’s why she never went to the next level in her career

  14. Smh… the industry sucks. I said the same about Bey. You mean an Oscar though right? She don’t deserve it but she down with the right ones. Nala wasn’t even a main character in the movie lol

  15. Can you please do a more in depth blog of Epsteins doings. I have been following the case but mainstream media isn’t making it easy to find what’s coming out. I’m hoping he burns, but there’s def some high level people implicated so I’d guess he either “commits suicide” or cuts a deal and they’re not outted? I want to know your thought G!

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