September 26, 2022

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47 thoughts on “The Truth Behind La Reid Saying “Giselle Helped him to decide to Sign Rihanna”

  1. I agree 110% with this post. When I saw it circulating, I saw right through it. I also felt that IF she did, she saw Tierra as a threat. They made her up to look like Bey. I’m sure LA thought he was getting the better star. Smh!! I’m still trying to figure out Beys power back then, she was still in destinys child right? Or BARELY on her first solo album… who was she nudging?

  2. Anyone else peep Rihanna’s IG story/Daily word an hour ago about Triumph over troubles and telling the devil not today?

    1. I saw that😂😂😂😂 especially the last sentence then again it’s probably a simple post with no alternative meaning behind it lol

  3. LA has always given me vibes of not being trustworthy. It was stupid of him to lie like folks weren’t around when it came time to “sign” Rih

    Bey and her gnats be doing way too much anyway. She’s shitty bc she never steps in to correct them at all

    1. Never try to correct any of them she just stand there and look stupefied…smiling and looking dam krazy

      1. Exactly!!! I’m still salty about how they treated Keri Hilson. That was childish and totally unacceptable

    2. That shit was wrong on so many levels how they did Keri!! It’s like she be looking lost sometimes or maybe they her old posts but she is very talented and they kno it!! She’s so pretty too

      1. Yesss! Beauty and talent! I wouldn’t be surprised if she was jealous of her. All the good music we could’ve been getting 😩😩

  4. Now because i am A throwback sugar baby😂😂😂(been here since the beginning) i remember u been told us this story so when i heard That nasty nigga say that shit i just shook my dam head at his trifling ass!!! I knew He was lying his ugly ass off!! I like Rihanna cause to me seem like she dgaf bout wtf going on she just be with her rich ass man!! But this wat his dumb ass said I’m sure that made her mad af!!

      1. I saw It on The Shaderoom but I’m assuming he was on the Steve Harvey show sitting his ass up there lying thru his fake ass teeth..well idk if they fake but they probably are😂😂😂😂

  5. So does this have anything to do with why rih is at odds with roc nation?

    Beyonce always want credit for something. Her and LA might just be on the same jay hate train lol for different reasons and the fact that tiearra marie was a threat shows you Beyonce isn’t that talented or just a damn worried weirdo. Just to throw a curve and say rih’s a beast(she is a beast though) when You never thought she was that talented goes to show you are the world’s most insecure star. And at the end of the day jay still smashed them😂. Bey did all that and still got fucked.

  6. Teairra was definitely more of a threat. She even favored Bey. Could sing, dance, and had IT. She reminded me of Beyonce Monica and Ashanti all in one

  7. I just saw the clip smh LA sounds like he’s in his feelings and jay should have never married bey. But anyway rih album gone do better than Beyonce like always. And the way steve asked the question the question you can just tell it was to stir something up. They must of told him you better ask or else. Lol

      1. I be wanting to hear about these new ppl that’s been making money here lately like supacent,blameit,Jess hilarious,bsimone,vee,toyaturnup….even dc youngfly like they all doing they own thang and making money being noticed by all kinda ppl..i saw Vee and bsimone on the show with lil kim and them. But yes supacent lost hella weight and ppl was all in the comments when she was in the hospital saying ppl around her had roots on her..idk tho but she dam sho making hella money

  8. If I was Rih I would say fuck it and post something personally! Tell her sorry sweetie but let’s not post lies!! Who gives a fuck about the Beyhive, and it ain’t like Beyoncé can touch her or blackball her so whatever.

  9. All of this makes COMPLETE sense… I’m annoyed that they’re trying to insinuate that Beyonce is somewhat responsible for Rhianna’s success. The Lion King is a flop and they need to get over it.

    1. Listen, that Lion King remake feels like a DJ Khaled album to me. They got all the buzzworthy celebs on it but it’ll be trash. I wanna see it but then I don’t want them to ruin one of my favorite movies.

  10. I do not believe for a second Beyonce played a role in Rihanna success. Rihanna had the charisma, talent, and fashion sense to make it on her own. I gurantee she is envious of Rihanna’s success with her Beauty and fashion line. Beyonce is the best performer of her generation and have some stellar music. That is the only thing she has going for her. Rihanna is a triple threat and has held her own for over 10 years now.

    The music industry is vicious…SMH

    1. Yes holding her own without being married and having to shout out your husband for everything success you have. And that’s another reason why rih is alot of people’s favorite.

  11. Yea I def thought it was a little fishy with him coming out saying this especially now that riri has surpassed bey. I wonder how robyn feels about this. I wish I was a fly on the wall to hear her talk her shit after hearing that shit. I know she got her shit off. 😂😂

  12. Hi G, I already sent you a proof of payment of the Flash Sale twice and you sent me a confirmation yet the membership expiration date in my account hasn’t been adjusted yet. Can you check it out? Thank you

    1. In her destiny childs days she had some cute outfits but man i hate her outfits every time 1/10 im like ok she looks cute and that’s really rare.

      1. Destiny Child had really tacky fashions.. I never saw anything cute of their outfits at all..

  13. I never heard Bey connected to RIRI success until this article, so if they saying that they do full of it.

  14. She probably saw Teairra as more of a threat because she’s a better dancer and singer.

    Little did she know Rihanna would still thrive

  15. I’m confused. Are y’all talking about when he said this years ago or did he recently say this again? He said a long time ago that Beyoncé said Rihanna is gonna be a star, but L.A bet all of his money on Teairra Mari calling her the princess of Def jam or whatever that was and Rihanna came out of nowhere and blew up. He said this wayyyyy before Beyoncé was on the lion king.

  16. I remember when it first premiered I used to think it was the most lit show ever. 😂 I’m hurt that she swindled them out of their idea. A shame what folks will do for money especially to their own people. Why couldn’t they have become joint business partners or something ?

  17. All facts but was TM more of threat to Giselle or her sister SoloK? If you look back at the replay days and compare to SoloK they were kinda in the same image IDK both had a rasta bohemian phase a afropunk type phase a pop phase a goth phase etc.

    ? Was there a female exec who Robin had to “put it on” to get on the showcase ?

    ? Illnana warned badgyal that city dude wasnt ever gonna help anything for her career so now we all can see the sour grapes now ?

    ? Do yall think badgyal is finally going to book the halftime show next season ? When she does it will be nuclear and they know it !

  18. The most comical one is “Beyoncé credited for Rihanna’s success”. No bitch. Rihanna is responsible. That’s who. Cause just goes to show. Teairra was signed and where is she?! Lol

  19. We all know better. I love rih. I hope things get cleared up with the label so we can hear some music

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