October 3, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Blind Sugar – 7/11

    1. I think the first one is Miley Cyrus. 2. For some reason Floyd comes in my mind. I have no idea about 3. 4. Is Erica Mena. Is josline pregnant again. That’s a rumor I heard on YouTube.

  1. #4 is Erica Mena. I figured Mona was behind her & Safaree lil situation.

    #2 I think is Odell but idk

  2. Demi has never been quiet about her sexuality so I don’t think the first one is her. 7112 gotta be odell. idk about the other two.

  3. #1 is def Ariana grande! She is a child star and she just had like a nervous beak down or something like that.
    #3 lady Gaga
    #4 mena

  4. It’s late and I’m lazy right now so I’ll let everyone else have this one but Giselle is up there looking like Blake Lively a little bit. I had to do a double take after scrolling real fast. Random side note

  5. I dont think it’s Kenya Moore. I think we will need a reveal of this Blind items.. This is the only segment that throws me off

  6. I think 7112 is Floyd because he’s always in Thailand where they’re infamous for the “lady boys”.

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