October 4, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes – 7/9/19

  1. Paul George and Doc: that’s gonna be awkward af

    Kendall must have some bomb cooty cat or head bc these ball players steady checking for her

  2. Fuck hoe ass Larsa! There’s nothing she can tell me or anybody else to make me believe that that was true. That’s the last time I’ll comment on that because my comment will always be the same.

    1. Girl I thought I was the only one. Larsa is best friends with Kim, so of course she’s going to say something to that effect 🙄

  3. Leonard secretly hated Aubrey bcuz his stupid club brawl with Maurice over Robin, who didnt even want him years ago cost Parker his eyesight and ruined their chances at repeating for the NBA championship?
    The same guys who got Aubrey banned from his floor seats for calling their affairs out is now trying to be buddies to get Aubreys NBA pals to play with them not admitting that they were the ones that told the opps about Sophie in Paris?
    Was the entire scrutiny of Giselles convo with the owners wife at the floor seats from her hive or was it an attack from Mrs Curry who doesnt get the same respect from the owners wife and shes been there from day 1?
    Parker blatantly had an affair with his teamates wife and the team turned the other cheek but when Leonard got hurt Parker had the nerve to ? Leonards dedication to the team? But getting injured in a club brawl is grounds for suspension without pay and SA still payed Parker when he got his cornea sliced open but wanted to dock Leonards pay for having a botched acl surgery?
    The whole SwaggyP DLo beef over Kndll caused a rift in the team and Kuz swore he didnt have anything to do with the beef now he swoops in on her knowing how her Klan trashed James other ex teamate in CLE? So why did Earvin really quit when he was forced to trade all his talented players over a dating triangle but James says its okay to date thots now and the owner doesnt protest?
    So PG is now teamates with his wifes ex bf and his new coach is his ex gf dad, but this babymama used to date this ex gf brother too who is also in the league SMDH? Bro tried to tell sis that PG was a dog but she didnt listen and now she is getting married to a guy who bro cant stand, him and his more famous brother?
    But was Doc secretly seeing WNBAParker until she divorced and got KG to get a divorce so she could have an convenient affair with both of them living in LA? Doc was KG ex coach and WNBAParkers ex husband coach at the same time 10 yrs ago?
    Mrs Pip ALLEDGEDLY wanted to smash MJ and Pip told MJ im gonna smash your wife if you smash mine and MJ knows Mr Pip is ALLEDGEDLY superendowed and got Mrs Pip banned from the team instead? Mrs Pip also smashed Kourt, Scott, AND Richie and is throwing shade on JW? Mrs Pip was also ALLEDGEDLY friends with the mistress that got the Clips owner banned from the NBA and was also dating Earvin too SMDH all this NBA drama is one big cesspool IDK how they do it or how they find time to just screw each other over WTF?

      1. I be Like all those abbreviations like who is this person talking about🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. Larsa is Gross. Even if she stating facts I can’t take her serious, Sis a whole clown of this family each family member at that. Like
    Sis what your real face look like

  5. So what it wasn’t their first rodeo fuckin after their friends either they are such hypocrites

  6. These are the same ppl that befriended Trina, Lauren London, Black Chyna & others then somehow wind up with Trey Songz, James Harden, French Montana, Tyga etc. but are so offended out of all the women TT has been caught with, it’s the black woman that has them pressed.

    I don’t get the allure when these are the same women who get plastic surgery to look like us, purposely go after taken black men with issues but now want to be the moral police when karma comes back on them

  7. Larsa is for everyone & it’s hilarious anything coming out of her mouth trying to be the judge & jury

  8. The NBA is a cesspool of rotating the same women from groupies, teammates side women, teammates wives & girlfriends, coaches & owner’s daughters, celeb women, reality stars etc. it don’t matter who it is if one gives you a great recommendation the other players want a sample as well. But now the women honestly don’t even care anymore how many ballers they’re racking up as long as they feel they’re getting something out of it damn their self-esteem, morals or respect for other relationships & marriages

    AC Green, Eddie Johnson & Grant Hill to this day are the only for sure NBA players I never heard or knew anyone that knew of them stepping out on their wives

  9. Well damn 🤦‍♀️ all these guys need to open a pound 😂🤣😂🤣 save yourself the stress ladies and just adopt a puppy

  10. Wait wasn’t Larsa just caught cheating on her husband 2. 5 seconds ago. Shes a cheater speaking on 2 alleged cheaters….she needs to take 1000 seats 🙄💁‍♀️

  11. Who’s gives a Fuck what Larsa says about Jordan and Tristan ugly Ass 🥴!!! You think 🤔 people are gonna believe her or care!

  12. Wait! You mean Larsa that cheated on Scottie with Future? Girl bye!!! I’m sick of hearing/reading about what Jordyn did. Well if she did fuck with Tristan she learned from the best. Kylie fucked Tyga while he was with China, Kim fucked Kanye while he was with Amber, Khloe fucked French, James Harding and Trey should we go on? They kill me they (the Kardashian’s) can do whatever they want to other yet you do the same shit to them and they get mad. Let’s not forget Ms khloe lied about not being able to get pregnant.

  13. Funny how these older women-older than Jordyn are coming after a youngin so hard. They know from experience how men wander-ironically just like they wander😏

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