August 18, 2022

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37 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Elites and the New Instagram model poses

    1. Yea I’ve been noticing her and those other chiks too but wats up with bsimone manager? That chik that just got married recently…anybody kno anything about her???

  1. Oh my! I know I’ll be watching things a little more closely going forward. Masika and Khloe too?

  2. Wait but why do Khloe needs to go prostitute herself when she’s a Kardashian? She’s already rich no?

    1. If I’m wrong let me know but don’t the colors mean something like green means anything goes and black means bdsm and the white and black mean bottom for BDSM and all white means vanilla or a bottom or kinda getting started in this thing.

    2. That’s the same color coded language gay men use!!…if I see yellow and white together or animal print or brown with white I’m done lol

  3. Damn. I guess where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    SN: It doesn’t even surprise me that Masika and Khlobacca escorting.

  4. Masika been desperate for a while…and so has Khloe…she’s never had that Armenian look like Kim, Kourt, Rob, and Dream…

    1. Correct! Khloe is not Armenian period! That is why her energy is not as strong as Kim. Kourtney and Rob got it, but some odd reason they won’t use it to their advantage. Dream, on the other hand, will be another Kim. Her energy is going to be twice as potent. How? Because is the only Full Blooded Armenian Male in that family. And you better believe Chyna is going to use her daughter to sabotage that entire clan wether they are her family or not.

  5. Chile Instagram has become the new low budget pimp. These heffas STAY finding ways to sell azz on the gram.

  6. Wowwww…You said its a huge year for sex trafficking and I wonder if you’ve seen how that guy Jeffery Epstein just got arrested for being a pedophile and sex trafficking with the elites.


    The part I’m referring to is HOW THE ONE GIRL WHO BEST FRIEND WAS KILLED was working for the one white lady who recruited models and IG reality girls and basically was pimping them to high powered ppl n what not…..

    You seen the show yet G? Any of y’all? Anybody following me on this here??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂

    1. GPP spills nothing but TEA. Everything depicted on that show is exactly what happens IRL. Most ppl will think it’s only entertainment… little do they know how factional the storylines are.

  8. Ummm the pose with their legs cocked open and
    p💦ssy wide open isn’t the sign that they will do anything???

  9. I have never done this pose, however, I’ve known chick who has but there were some hoes . This is a hoe like pose anyways and I’m sure they know it but I don’t think these chicks are aware of the hand gestures like that.

  10. I remember when Masika did a pictorial for fashionnova with her daughter and had the Masonic tile black and white. They were even posed in certain ways that were weird to. I was like oh she must be down back then.

  11. I could understand the other girls doing this….But KHLOE? didn’t they say K is worth 40million? Or that’s just a lie? What happened to ALL her business ventures, the American jeans, cosmetics, baby daddy child support? Or maybe she gotta continues to do so to keep her Riches!

  12. I’m so confused. So now Khloe and Kendall have to quote on quote let the elites know that they’re down? What am I missing? Because according to this page, and Mary 40, and a few others they’re already down with the elites. So why would they need to send signals?! I’m so confused!

    Not surprised about Masika. I love her to death, but she’s had those tendencies for a while.

  13. Yea I hate when ppl try to question y’all on ig. Like why follow the page if you are gonna believe that the stuff you say is too far fetched ? Have they forgotten why you started the page. Must be a lot of newcomers too.

  14. In that case the infamous Kim Hardcore pose says alot even back then leopard bikini with a mink and colored wig spread wide open with stillettos on + plus the big hat butt naked in the back of the Bentley with monogram prints on her skin on the next album.

    What does that cheerleader arched foot/ toe pose mean? They all do it to the point its like a meme now arch that foot and cock the head to the side and smize cover one eye with your hair wearing shades leopard print topless covering bare breast or kneel down in the beach surf with sandy butt cheeks lol it shows definition in the leg but why bother when they all have enhancements?

    What about the big floppy sun hat with shades or the suntan mirror thing topless on the lounge chair pose? Wearing bikini with sneakers or bikini with a shoulder sweater pose? bikini with open fly jeans or topless with jeans ruff riders style? bikini with a jacket bikini with a hoodie bikini with a dog? bikini with a pizza WTF? Advertising tummy teas when we know that stuff dont help you lose weight LMAO! How can they advertise diuretics when most igram models eat apetamine for the plumpness? Also watch out for gymsharks fitness models too they all selling ppl need to start asking them how many ro$e$ but they will block you and close their comments when ppl go that far ALLEDGEDLY.

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