October 5, 2022

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39 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz Relationship

    1. I think omarion cheated and ting…. But honestly I miss when she was just the quiet, good looking baby mother

  1. Iil fizz belongs on love and hip hop. He is a mess! Good for tv. I enjoyed watching him on marriage bootcamp.

  2. This is cray. Def explains why O wasn’t with reuniting in the beginning, I thought he was big headed. And I ain’t know light skin Claire from My Wife and Kids got down like that, not surprised tho!

    1. lmao at lightskin Claire lmao they really did swap out the darkskin girl after season 1 tho.. but she crazy I think her ex was a basketball player he called the cops on her I think she bit him or something .

  3. Fizz has always given me the “Mr. Steal yo Girl” vibes. It’s messed up tho that it was his group member’s girl tho. Fizz seems like a fuckboy anyway

    1. that kook seems like she’s having some type of mental breakdown. That live looked a hot ass mess. And then she’s naming names. If I was her, I’d keep Jayceon’s name out the conversation. We ALL know how lethal his mouthpiece is and he will embarrass that girl to the point of taking down her social media account. She seemed out of it and was saying that even Fizz wants to hit, but then she’s ALLEGEDLY 3 months pregnant by the man. So, seems like he already hit. Lol! Just a trainwreck.

      1. I actually saw that she saying everyone is mad she’s a celeb and that everyone wants to fuck her fat p***y she said game already been there! It was embarrassing to say the least & them ‘friends’ around her are wack

  4. I can’t believe it
    I lost all respect for fizz and his appetizer
    He said he was done with love and hip hop

  5. Hmmmm some names are appropriate “Little Fizz” (emotionally speaking/ dudes who complete over the same person?)

  6. Jennifer freeman aka Claire from my wife and kids lol I think I heard about her dating someone in b2k. But why is fizz smashing all Omarion girls? Like what did he do to make fizz wanna Spite him like that? Must be jealous he wasn’t the lead of b2k or something. Lastly if Apryl is preggo she mad disrespectful and not for nothing she be showing fizz off more than he show her off…he clearly being petty meanwhile she falling in love forreal forreal.

  7. This is a whole entire mess. Who needs enemies with “friends” like this. And Fizz needs to stop, what else does he do that brings in money? Serious question.

    1. I fell out when moniece called him that. I been a moneice fan since season/episode 1 I love it her and masika are (were) my two favs teenie weenie fizzle pop lmao

  8. I just saw the video and I am shocked!😳 What she’s trying to be, the next Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans? Omarion got full custody of his two. Fizz might want to get custody of his as well. And what makes it even sadder is Carter The Body was in the live and didn’t stop her! Nor try stopping the live! 😳 Sugar Babies! Listen up and listen good. Don’t never settle for anything or everything. Cause if you do, you would also made a fool out of you! That video is a prime example is why we will never get back to place where we ascended from.

  9. I don’t agree with this what so ever. If they want to fight over pum pum go ahead but as “friend/brother” you don’t get together with their ex who is also mother of their children. Its wrong on so many levels 🙄🤦‍♀️

  10. Thoughts? What kind of drugs wwas this chick on I mean she embarrased herself talking so nasty about her pussy and how phat it was and how many men want her phat pussy wow great mommy job

  11. Jennifer freeman from my wife & kids & you got served. She’s gorgeous but outta pocket you don’t date friends smh. This makes me think fizz was always jealous of omarion why keep tryna get at his women you can’t get your own ?
    Apryl is disgusting no matter what her & Omarion went through you never go date someone he used to be somewhat close to and his band mate.

  12. That shit is all around FUCKED UP I never would of thought Apryl or FIZZ was like that in any way!!!! It makes me so mad and crazy we ain’t heard one thing from Omarion about this and it’s probably BEST we don’t….. I know he is PISSED and betrayed ALL AROUND THE BOARD smh

    Like Apryl is one nasty ass trifling ass female to do this so OPENLY with not ONE FUCKN CARE and then to go n get PREGNANT by him?

    N I been commenting on all the blogs saying how THIS IS DEF GOIN TO BE ON THE NEXT SEASON N GUESS WHAT…. My nosey ass will be TUNEDDDDD IN‼️‼️☕️☕️😂😂🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

  13. Is it possible that they beeen creeeping and maybe they already have a kid together already IDK ALLEDGEDLY but I could believe it women are capable of anything nowadays!

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