August 16, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7-7-19

  1. I know it’s gonna take some time but can we please get something on Disney Star Cameron Boyce’s death? It definitely is not sitting right…

    1. Yeah, like I’m glad they’re not using the overdose excuse but I wlwanna know what really happened to him

      1. It probably was an overdose, but they can’t say that. Someone on IG was commenting, trying to take credit for selling him laced drugs and didn’t know it would kill him. I doubt that person actually sold him drugs, but I buy that vs. lifelong health issues.

      2. You’re right. I just always cringe when I hear the overdose excuse bc sometimes there’s much more to the story

    2. I think he was sacrificed maybe by Skai Jackson. Her post seemed to quick and he was wearing red all through it plus people talking about her just as much as him from what I’ve seen. We’ll have to see where she goes from here to confirm/deny. If not sacrificed definitely bumped off since people say he was leaving Disney after descendants 3.

    3. There’s a guy on YouTube who covers a lot of these supposed deaths. He links them to the zionist’s number structure and everything. He’s really good you should check him out. I fully expect for him to do a video on this soon and link it to something that’s going on right now. More than likely it’s definitely some kind of sacrifice but for who and for what?

      Here is his link

  2. tamar just does to much especially with her new man like sis we see you didn’t do all that with vince

  3. I love j. Cole. I wish he would show us his kids. Also, i want him to do something with his dreads.. Is there significance in the way he is growing them out?

  4. Nicki stays going off on somebody. Tamar seems pressed- isnt he married though? Roc nation doesnt pay its employees?? Aw nah. How are they still on business? I always thought shaq was ‘slow’ this doesnt surprise me.

    1. The other day on ig in her post about her first mixtape turning 12 years old. A writer wrote an article stating nicki, riri, & bey stole their style from lady Gaga. Mind you riri & bey was out before Gaga.

  5. Of course CB is posting BBWs now smh. Nobody’s falling for that BS

    I was expecting more from J Cole but I guess everybody has a vice.

    Tamar’s attitude/demeanor has always been off putting to me. And she always does the absolute most to try to make it seem like her shit is all together l. She’s just a hot ass mess to me

    1. 😂👏😂👏Right like why couldn’t Tamar be more like Toni, aside from the whole birdman situation😴😴she really is well put together

      1. Exactly!! Minus the birdman situation and babyface, toni seems like she’s okay. Tamar need Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, whoever she believes in.

  6. Anything Disney is suspect. Cameron was seen alive and well a few months ago. Seizure from what medical illness? If celebrities can die from pneumonia mysteriously, they can be reported to have died from seizures too. We need Mary 40 on this one too

    1. I unsubscribed to Mary 40 when I heard about her racist ass comments. That was courtesy of Heaven Hollywood. However, the other day I heard about them taking a lot of the truthers down and I went to see if she was still there and couldn’t find her. Unless I was looking in the wrong place, her page is gone.

      1. Yeah she said if you’re a white Aussie woman and you call the police on a black man they are on it and that’s how you get a nigga. I should have called the police on that nigga.
        After I heard that I was done with Mary 40

  7. Wasn’t billboard being messy and mentioning something about Nicki/bey/Rih being inspired by lady Gaga…when they all were out before Gaga was? That’s what sparked the homage debate, and Nicki dropped those receipts of her shoutin out female rappers and everybody got quiet!

    Chris give it up you just finally pissed people to far off lol

    All rich people are for trump I believe cause that’s who he looking out for. I’m totally numb to the trump support at this point.

  8. Tamar has a beautiful voice but her attitude sucks and I hate how she treats Traci and I noticed Chris posted a picture of a BBW who has painted a picture of him 🙄 he still cancelled

  9. Megan Fox has been with the dude since she was 18 years old. She doesn’t know what it’s like to have someone new. That Brian guy is possessed over her.

    Taylor Swift actually saying something right. Selena be CAREFUL. The music undusind is demonic and she has too many health issues to be getting into anything with JB. BTW, something about JB doesn’t sit right with me, and considering Scotter Braun is a closer rascist-who knows what he is capable of doing.

    I’m with G in this, Nicki needs to leave the music behind altogether. Her legacy and status is cemented. She has nothing to prove. I really hope she isn’t marrying or having baby by that dude. Something doesn’t sit right with me when it comes to him. I think he’s using her, and once he give he a child. He’ll probably do a Kevin Federaline on her. It wouldn’t surprise me.

    Chris likes what he likes. He doesn’t have enough self respect for his race and the women-eapecially dark skin women who has supported him. He knows his most ardent supporters who continues to pay his bills are black women of all shades and “hair types”.

    I predict Shawn Mendes will come out once he isn’t popular anymore, and nobody listening to his music. It’s the same I predict with Taylor Swift as well.

    Tamar’s attitude and antics is why she’s is not where she need to be with her music. People get turned off by her. It’s haoohappe with Cardi B. We all get fatigued with people who continue to do stupid stuff .

    Is it still true J. Cole got another woman pregnant or he just was cheating? Either way I like his music and I’m a fan, and hope he can be a better person for his family. His wife as dealt with his BS since they were in college. It’s obvious the woman truly loves him. He should count his blessings she isn’t ratchet and airing out their business to the world.

    Dont know much about Roc Nation, except that it’s associated with Jay-Z and he is known to do shady shit. He wasn’t good with Def Jam, so I’m not really surprised on this.

    Shaq is kind of white wash, so I’m not surprised. Lol…

  10. I hope cams death was really what they said it was a seizure in his sleep, May he rest well.

    So does Taylor think jb could possibly harm her or is it just that he’s too pressed and it’s scaring her so she wants to make sure she’s safe just in case ?

    Wsup wit them not wanting to pay people ? What is there not enough revenue circulating through?

  11. Why doesnt Shawn just come out the closet I knew he was gay the moment I saw him. Also rumor has it that Cole got other kids too and I also heard the that Drake got 2 kids and not just 1🤔

  12. J COLE smh 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 dammit COLE‼️‼️

  13. Chris’s rants after the lyric backlash only helped to fuel the whole controversy…personally I thought it was worse that he said black b***es instead of women- but people focused on the hair part bc of his dating preferences. I am sort of shocked at Shaq- bc Trump is clearly a racist- but he’s also a misogynist who hates poor people and Shaq is a rich womanizer so maybe he can relate. NM is just determined to stick with music…smh- just like Lil Kim- flop after flop. These new girls are praising Kim but nobody is buying her music and everyone is still shading her appearance..

  14. LOL not surprised about Shaq being a Trump supporter.
    a lot of celebs are trump supporters on the low and bashing him publicly is the it thing to do.

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