August 16, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/4/19

  1. Why wouldn’t nicki perform it’s one of the biggest festivals in the world but the country is using her as a political move
    Halle deserves the role she going to give life to part of your world
    Lala can do better
    Can’t blame drake Chris needs to shut up nicki dodge the bullet of not taking him up on his offer on going on tour together.

  2. Which blind item cause when I saw that I was like why is Nicki going over there? Is she running low on funds or…?

    And drake should separate himself, he love chocolate and he don’t need that negative publicity cause black women make up a big chunk of his fan base too!

    1. He “loves” chocolate but had a baby with a white woman? LOL please. Now drake ain’t a colourist but he does not “love” dark skinned women. He is just an equal oppourtunist thot who ain’t tryna make himself look bad

      1. Yes he does loves chocolate but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t sample with others. Unlike Chris who doesn’t sample with chocolate but will anything else. Plus Everyone knows drake hit raw in anything and he slipped up with the babymama. But is he married to the babymama or is he still doing his thing? There you go. Now if he marries a non black woman then this argument may be justified but until then nah

      2. 🤔 the white heffa lucked up but Drake most definitely had a thang for chocolate females ie Bria Myles Drake doesn’t have a preference he like them all unlike Chris Brown

      3. He was with ms. Kat too. He likes all shades of black drake don’t discriminate at all. And you’re making the argument that he had a baby with a white woman like he isn’t half white. He’s biracial he can like both if he wants. But drake no one has came out to say that drake discriminated against black women or put a certain complexion on a pedestal. You’re reaching.

    2. Like I said: EQUAL OPPORTUNIST THOT. Anyway y’all can believe what you want but you’re playing yourself.

    1. Lala was dumb for taking him back regardless of the agreement she and Melo had. She’s be better of using her new image to being a “yatch girl”.

      I vaguely remember the Nicki Blind Item but I’m too lazy to dig. She should just do private performances and elevate Queen Radio. The more she tries to fight against the elites the more crazy they make her look. Kind of like with Azealia Banks.

  3. Chris is so talented but is his own worst enemy he is definitely cancelled and his mom trying to defend him made it worse.

  4. I always supported Chris I don’t know why will he even say something like that in his song. We already know what kind of women he like. Why disrespect a group of women who stand up for you when the world was against him. White people wanted to destroy him years ago. Nicki I wish her the best. I hope she will do the right thing for her future. Drake knows better. So what about that tour Chris and drake wad talking. It might not ever happen because of the mess.

    1. Draya Kelly knows she was having sex with under age girls too. She should be in jail. She knows a lot more than what she is telling the world.

      1. I believe this as well. She knows and has participated in much more than she has admitted to.

      2. Shut, Drea was out there recruiting the girls! Do you remember when Tasha K did that interview and that lady that was say, “Rob is sloooowwww.”? She also mentioned that Drea came up to her asking her if she know where some young teenagers at so they can “babysit” her kids? Drea was out there looking for those girls too!

  5. For a long time people have constantly supported Chris through a lot of the shit he has put out there. Because he makes good music we been excuse some of his crappy behavior, but though I’m not a fan, once I heard the lyric it definitely rubbed me the wrong way. People of the black community KNOWWWWWWW exactly what the historical and current context of “good hair” is. Stop acting dumb.

  6. I don’t think Halley should pay. I would be upset Holie getting more too, y should she? I’m over Lala and Carmelo

  7. Proud of lala I hope she goes all the way through with the divorce. She glowed up so much there are tons of men who are waiting to treat her right. Melo is in their way hunny okayy. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  8. I love me some Chris Brown And has always been a supporter and his lyric is not as deep as people is making it. But because it’s Chris Brown it’s the worst thing ever. If y’all really believe Chris Brown will not sex a chic just because she’s black 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Anybody that was popular would’ve gotten the same reaction. Black women, especially brown and dark skinned women are tired of these black men and their low key bashing of black women because of their complexion. Are we also going to forget that he has his no darkies allowed rule that Tokyo and another black chick talked about. Is this behavior really far fetched from someone who never dated a brown skin or dark skin girl, beats women and uses coke? This sympathy train y’all got for these celebs are getting ridiculous

      1. If he told Tokyo Vanity that she being who we know she is (big mouth) she would’ve outed him immediately by IG live or to blogs. She would’ve said something a long time when it happened. She stayed quiet until now. I’m not gonna sit here lie and tell you I’ve dealt with this dark skin light skin issue. But I don’t think Chris meant any offense in that song, especially when I hear worst in rap songs.

      2. this is exactly why he feels comfortable being disrespectful: because he knows his foolish fan base will defend him at all costs. Ironically most of his fans look exactly like the type of woman he despises. They’re only funding his mortgage, coke habit and gifts that he’s sending to his racially ambiguous girlfriends with the “nice hair” aka good hair. Never mind the fact that he explicitly said “Black bitches” but folks wanna play obtuse about the hair remark. Ridiculous. When Black women withdraw their support for the very men who degrade them it will be a game changer

  9. I may be in the minority, but I love the new face of Ariel. A mermaid with red hair could have been any race, but the girl they chose is beautiful and talented. I’ll be taking my kids to see it.

  10. I’m excited to see Halle Bailey as the Little Mermaid.

    I didn’t really get offended by chris brown’s line in his song. What upset me is what he’s been saying to defend those lines and the ppl stating that he doesn’t let dark skinned women in his section.

    Who is Draya Kelly?

  11. Is more then 10 years of infidelity for the beckham considering the loos scandal happened around 2004 and he was probably already cheating before that

  12. I don’t remember the story on Nicki. Can you refresh our memory as to why she is going to Saudi Arabia?

    I don’t know why anyone would be shocked about Halle Bailey getting backlash for being Ariel. A sista playing a cartoon character that was ORIGINALLY made Caucasian… You are asking for the 🍅 tomatoes from SOME.

    Smart move Drake, smart move 😂.

    Smart move LaLa, smart move.

  13. Nicki definitely have to cover up in that country. Or they will guillotine her ass. She has to dress modestly or don’t perform at all.

  14. Barb wants a rich Arabian knight so she can buy her masters back too?

    Klan brand is manufactured by the same knockoffs so how does that work LOL?

    Is Becks a commander of the British empire IDK? Separating before being knighted is considered bad ettiquette or does it not matter anymore ?

    Ang would make the most diabolical villain only if she was allowed to actually kill somebody in the MCU movie.

    I still think Bhris is too woke to actually mean what he said about chocolate sistas, maybe he is misdirecting the attention from those false accusations in Paris.

    Ratatouille should have a decent stable by now some models might prefer to work for her so they wont get dumped at sea.

    Mrs Kelly didnt want to know what was transpiring in her household she can be charged for child abuse contributing to the delinquency of a minor willful neglect since all these women claim they were minors IDK SMH.

    Nooo La its cheaper to keep him + she seems hellbent on him NOT being involved in his baby girls life at all.

    Mermaids are Caribbean Atlantean legend so Ariel was never yte in the first place Disknee is throwing smokescreens so they wont have to retcon all that valuable merchandi$e into a melenated image.

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