August 16, 2022

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29 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Cardi B & Offset’s Open Relationship Agreement

  1. I’ve always wondered if she was still dealing with Tommy. Tommy seems like her type while Offbrand and her look like an odd couple

  2. I don’t care for cardi at all. Now she is a Grammy award winner. It’s not a good like to go back to doing reality tv. She is above that now in the eyes of the music industry.Cardi need to go on tour soon. A real singer or rapper have to go on a would tour. They gave her all of these awards. But, she have yet to prove that is a real performer. Her and burne mores(whatever his name is. The one she did that song please me with, them to should go on tour together. Her and Nicki I don’t see that ever happening at all. I love Nicki but no no. Cardi next move she be plaining her first tour. Real talk.

    1. I really don’t think cardi going on tour especially by herself will be GOOD cause

      🗣🗣🗣🗣CARDI AINT POPPIN LIKE THAT NO MORE. She ain’t I’m sorry! She fire has now dimmed……

  3. So Bruno and Cardi get it in and run lines together. If she takes a plea deal she has to agree to probation and drug testing. Hmmm and Offset and Lil Nas have some things in common. Atlanta streets already knew. Whew, I’m so glad I’m just a regular nobody. Selling my soul just ain’t worth the amount of debauchery you have to subject yourself to.

  4. Who is the side dick though?!?! People keep saying Bruno (which I lowkey hope is true because they look better then her and Upset) but I just need official confirmation! Why not just drop this act and have her get with Bruno instead publically? A lot of fans like them together more and have been getting tired of offset clout chasing his damn self! And it can help her broaden her fan base even more, unless Bruno fans reject it cause she wild and crazy.

    1. Bruno got a Fiancée she’s been with Bruno since before the Fame it would be a downgrade to leave your day 1. They just fucking anyway they not in love so why break up his relationship for some pussy.

    2. Imlilperry that would be a good like for her. I said this in2017. But the problem is CB need to stay out of trouble and stop running her big hole in her face all the time. Bruno is not about that crazy out of control behavior she has going on. He won’t put up with that foolishness. Lets be real he is to good for her.

  5. This post alone explains way the young fans are targeted. Very few question what they see and hear.

  6. TISK TISK TISK……. NONE OF THIS COME AS A SURPRISE THO…… imma continue to sit back and eating my hot Cheetos while all this


  7. My thing is why bring a baby into these type of situations just to make it look more realistic. It bothers me so much it’s so fuckin toxic. Now y’all have a baby connected to this evil industry who they can use against y’all smh.

  8. Finally someone mentions the now missing video!!! I started to think I was the only one who saw it! She was sitting outside looking hungover talking about how they were trying to set her up with a rapper and she wasn’t feeling it and complaining about the industry… then all of a sudden she’s in a relationship with Offset. Thank you G for mentioning this video! Now I know I wasn’t imagining it LOL You can’t find it on youtube or anywhere anymore…

    1. I said the same thing! I knew i was t tripping that woman seas against dating rappers she was very adamant about it.. and he keep publicly embarrassing her with his ugly ass

  9. Open relationship huh… But G who is it that Cardi is sleeping with cause Heaven told us you would tell but can you at least give us a hint😜👏👏🙌🏼🙌🏼💯💯

  10. MelaaaninQueen she in France doing what all the other women do. Having sex with rich men. Like I said be for she need to go on tour. She in France doing her sex kitty do deeds.

  11. Soooo wait 🛑 is that baby his??? My crazy white friend told me this wild shit last year and because I know she’s crazy and a pothead, I was like umm 👌 girl. Cause she also told me that the baby is going to used as a sacrifice for the elites. And somehow Jayz and Damian Marley is involved 👀

  12. You can definitely tell! It’s all just fake.. Quavo and Takeoff do not like her.. Quavo is being more cordial n friendly now but Takeoff do not fuck with her… Nicki was right when she said Cardi was depressed and she feels sorry for her and holds no ill will against her cuz she knows the truth… this industry is no joke

    1. Nursetsav you right. But they have to get along with her because she is family. Because the child they have to respect her. It’s also sad that Nicki could be having a child with this no good man next year in March or February 2020. I could be wrong. But most of my dreams comes to past. I really good with pregnancy dreams. I just hope he is not the father.

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