October 6, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Truth About Why Other Artist Are Siding With Taylor Swift Over Scooter Braun

  1. This is really sad. Yes I know most of the wanted to be in the music industry. But it’s sad they have to work with someone like him. I wish they will expose him the way they expose R. Kelly and all of the other men.

  2. Wheew this ☕️!!! My initial thought was why not give her the chance to own her masters – he seems really conniving and manipulative but sly enough to paint himself as the good guy! I didn’t know he had all those pending sexual assault cases too and surprise surprise he also happens to be racist too 🙄

  3. Wow I was wondering about the personal trials Tori would be going through to create a gospel project seemingly out of nowhere so this makes sense!!

    1. Bingo! I was wondering the exact same thing? Getting into gospel music seem so suddenly to me, and she is such a talented lady. I have to say he hide his predatory behavior very well. SMH..

  4. I didnt know scooter was like that. Taylor is a bully herself so its difficult for me to feel bad…

  5. All Taylor got to do is 🔫 Scooter’s ass and buried in a ⚰️. Why not sacrifice his ass? He can get got too!

  6. Not surprised about the racist crap everyone is in the industry damn near. Plus he’s one of those people that disses Nicki and praises Cardi maybe he was gonna do that anyway and the money incentive was an added plus with his racist ass.

    1. Maybe she just didn’t sell out. You can have all the talent in the world but y’all know that don’t count for shit if you don’t accept that deal from Lucy

  7. What was the original issue between Scooter and Usher. Remember Tameka had to talk Usher into even responding to Scooter when they pulled the Diana discovered J5 bs that he used Usher to do?

      1. When Usher was married to Tameka, Scooter wanted Usher to meet and mentor Justin. Usher refused to talk to Scooter due to bad blood between them and Tameka had to talk him into it. The rest is history

  8. Damn Demi. What did you get yourself into? She should’ve gotten out when she had the chance but after years of watching her peers have more success than her she’s probably tired and wants it that bad at this point smh. That’s my bitch too and it’s sad seeing the transition she’s about to make. I knew from the jump scooter was a bad idea to sign with after getting out of rehab. He’s about to work her and that’s the last thing she needs

  9. I saw his wife posted something along the lines of Taylor had the opportunity to buy the masters and passed (i personally dont believe that) and saying Taylor is one to talk for bullying she picks and drops friends like flowers, an a whole bunch of other shit.

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