July 1, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/2/19

    1. Ok. I have been patiently waiting for like forever. And I would love for him to dish too.

    2. So, here in Ga. we had a big cheating scandal for dekalb county elementary schools. The teachers were instructed by their superintendent to change the wrong answers to correct answers in order to receive a passing score, so that the schools could receive their bonuses so that they could make repairs to the schools and purchase what was needed for teachers and classrooms. (Dekalb county schools has the worst score and the poorest conditions)

      Now here’s the kicker they get caught and every last one of those elementary school teachers gets indicted from the superintendent down to the 7 teachers. The superintendent dies of cancer before they sentenced her! All 7 teachers got up to at least 10 years!!!!!…… Mind they did not bribe anyone!! They did not pay tens of thousands of dollars to create a fictional transcript!!! But they were all SENTENCED TO JAIL!!! So why can’t they treat Felicity and Lori the same way????

      1. Stop committing crimes then asking why we got more time … stop being criminal minded we won’t be treated the same

      2. Here are the facts: It was Atlanta Public School (APS) School System. There were over 30 teachers and administrators indicted in the scandal and all of them but 12 plead guilty and received probation and lost their teaching licenses. The superintendent did die of cancer before the trial took place. Of the 12, who went to trial, only 1 (a teacher) was found not guilty because her student’s test scores did not improve when she “allegedly” changed their answers. Before the verdicts were read, the judge pleaded with them to plead guilty – WHY? The main culprits (administrators) had already plead guilty and got lighter sentences, plus the superintendent was already dead. The rejected his plea and were sentenced to jail (some got weekends), probation, given fines and like 1 was given house arrest from 7P-7A.

        By the time the trial began, most of those who took a guilty plea were either done with or almost done with probation.

      3. I’m late , but I remember that because it was the crct. I was in the middle school when it all went down, and my mom was teaching at the time. All because of Dekalb, they had all of Ga schools being monitored. My mom had told me that they made her students retake the crct.

  1. Can we get some dirt on Justin Timberlake?? Like why did he even marry this chic if he was going to cheat?

  2. I don’t care dor Justin Timberlake after everything you’ve told us. He disgusts me 🤢 Sorry I don’t have anything good to add to the conversation, I just wanted to say fuck that fool, that is all 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Timberfake has always been a culture appropriating scammer. Any woman who still wanted to deal with JT after all the mess he put Brit though should’ve seen the writing on the wall. Jessica thought things would be different & that she was special & JT was never faithful to begin with & she still got back with him anyways & ultimately married him do she has to hold this L too

    Also this is just as bitchmade on Timberfake’s part to wait for something scandalous to come out on his SO before he bounces & releases a shady break-up song when he stays cheating the entire time

  4. Honestly NY has been bringing it bc the women have known eachother the longest & for the most part are able to get over a bulk of their drama pretty quickly & move things along. Unfortunately though they have low ratings

    Atlanta frustrates me bc the women genuinely hate eachother at this point & barely film together & when they do it’s completely forced & uncomfortable to watch. They either need to shake up the cast or force the women to interact more & make it work

    The issue with Bethany is ever since she’s been back, either you have to suck up to Bethany to remain on the show or if you cross her, you get phased out of filming or get a terribly bad edit since she’s allegedly one of the producers now

    But the most interesting HW on NY that should be the focus Are Ramona’s craziness that’s made for reality TV, Luann’s thottales & now criminal records & to a lesser extent Sonja’s delusions & jealousy that no man wants to do anything more than bang her when she totally screwed things up with her ex-husband

    What’s crazy is Bethany isn’t a saint either & has some real scandals of her own but she’s very protected for obvious reasons

    I wonder what AC tea is bc he sure has no problem getting buck with any other HW except for Bethany. Which is telling

  5. This sugar is so sweet today I literally have a cavity 🤤.
    Please spill some Housewives/Bravo sugar!!

    1. Lawd that would be so great. A segment on Real Housewives tea. I would love to know more about Atlanta.

  6. I don’t care Justin Timberlame he irks my soul and tbh Bethany looks like that aunty that has the best tea on everybody

  7. Dirt on ANDY????

    I thought Andy was the key to ALL THE GOOD SUGAR? Mr. Pandora Box? 👀👀👀👀☕️☕️☕️☕️ Whewwwww chi lol

  8. G, How about some tea on the Debarge family? Especially the mom, I heard those twins she had are actually Bunny’s kids?

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lori throws him under the bus unless he’s got anything over her. I wonder what Bethany got on Andy! Bet it’s good lol. As far as Jessica Biel and JT. They never seemed fully believable anyway so they look way past the expiration date Lol.

  10. Justin ain’t shit. Lori and the rest of them need to do time but I doubt they will. Ellen is the true goat.

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