October 4, 2022

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10 thoughts on “The Kylie/A-Rod Beef & J-Lo Not Defending A-Rod

  1. Arod dont know nobody else name but he knew the Klan? All cap and i think he did that on purpose. What is a better portfolio for him to try to invest in Jenner cosmetics or Lopez cosmetics? KJ isnt an actor or artist so her business is all profit!

  2. Crazy how we now live in a world where sports legends are mentioning social media stars for clout. Smh

  3. u lost me at kardashian vulture. LMAO!! You can’t be serious.. how much they pay you?? or u just a pure stan for the free 🥴.. i hope they at least slide u a little something..

    love this blog, but give it a rest.. We get it.

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