July 1, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/1/19

  1. We been knew lil nas was gay when he was exposed for running that Nicki fan page before turning against her for fame from Atlantic bitch ass!

    As long as the Kardashian’s cause outrage they will remain rich and famous and people will never understand that. You want them gone stop giving energy!

    I figured Demi was siding for other reasons and I’m gonna assume the post meant to say SHE hates Taylor. Why Demi? Cause Selena stopped being your bestie and became Taylor’s instead?

    Tristan must need Khloe money to pay Jordyn to keep the pussy on ice lol oops!!

  2. Girl I cried too. They are so loyal to each other. Say what u want about them but u can’t say they’re not loyal to each other! I’m an only child so yeah I’m a little jelly lol

  3. Shout out to Scooter for fucking over that tramp. Imagine being used a pawn just to be fucked over by another white man. They (the higher up’s) have done this to shower Taylor that she isn’t special and can’t be replaced at any time. Her actions aren’t doing much anymore as people ain’t trying to do shit with her name.
    Baby Phat ain’t getting my money but they were raised right but that whore.

  4. Nah people are dragging Kimora because she told them they’re being too soft, then comes the attacks on Jordyn from Kim, Malika & Larsa.

    1. You know that’s a lie, he wants jordy back. If he wants khole back why everybody that he cheats with looks way better than her. I know you Stan for the k trash family but stop lying for the sake of gossiping.

  5. I’m waiting for 2021 when someone spills the beans that this entire Khloe/Tristan/Jordyn story was dreamed up by Kris to save the almost cancelled show and everyone (including Jordyn) is on the payroll.

    I’ve NEVER seen a one-time cheating scandal drag for almost a year when the person removed themselves from the group and the boyfriend cheated before AND after the “scandal.”

  6. I’d prefer a family that actually holds each other accountable….they know damn well this was karma coming back from a plethora of people they did the same way…some we haven’t even heard about and that “our men” comment threw me for a loop too. The whole thing was shady as hell.

  7. Kris gotta be paying Jordyn a hefty check for all this slandering lol then Khloé got on her for talking to Jada? like they say, the devil works hard but KJ works harder

  8. People don’t realize how much Demi was really going through back in the day. It’s deeper than Taylor stealing her bestie. They treated Demi very foul as teens. You guys forget people in the industry KNOW Taylor and how she really is. Taylor Swift is the Regina George of the industry you see how she did Katy Perry. Now Katy back sucking her tit.

  9. It is what it is Taylor. Join the slew of other artist who don’t own their masters. You all want a deal so bad, you never consider all the possible ways the Elites will screw you. Prince told us all LONG ago, there is power in owning YOUR masters. It is like letting someone else own YOUR resume/work experience.

    Demi needs to be quiet. The elites are still busy working her over.

    Trisitan… Just go away.

  10. well when you know each other secrets you’ll have some body back no matter what… but they family bond is like no other

    1. Exactly. G, could’ve kept that comment to herself. Crying over a kardashian episode? Really -_-

  11. I was told a rumor (10 years ago) that Giselle exercised a major option in her contract when she had the most streams and ringtones sold in music history. She was owed so much $$$ in 30 days that the Columbians had to cut her in on the top 5 selling artists gross annual revenue to pay her back or she could walk away with EVERYTHING.

    Swifty wanted to overtake Giselle for her new album but was rejected on her budget and found out Giselle basically owned her and was PISSED. Swifty was going to air the labels out at the Emteevee awards and Ye knew she was gonna blow her top and that is the reason he why interrupted her speech?

    IDK but i found it interesting that Giselle rented some Billionaire yacht for a month and was at sea for the whole time she was waiting for her coins, this was the only time Giselle was ever pictured with a gun (she had a bikini with a M16 and shades on caption run me my check etc) the picture got snatched down but her husband told Angie Mar they were not divorcing she just needed her space right now? Solok even said dont ask about sis she aint answering the phone until she gets her $ she dont know where she at but fk with her if you want to LMAO.

    Do yall know ALLEDGEDLY why Ms Mama was influenced to jump on stage that night? Maybe G knows but IDK if I ever posted that before so IDK if im allowed to?


    And we ALL KNOW Khloe is going to take tristen back IF SHE HAVENT DONE SO ALREADY….

    N I’m disgusted with bow wow cause I’m so sensitive to physical abuse cause I went thru it and STILL haven’t healed but then I WAS SOOOOOOOOO OBSESSED WITH BOW WOW IN MY PRE TEEN YEARSSSS 😭😭😭😭

  13. Ummmm didnt seem like Tristan was gushing over Khole at all , basically what i got . You cool and all but you’re just my baby mamma…
    Just wanted to give you a shout out before you go crazy ….now bye

    1. Yeah – no gushing. It was like “let me post this to make her feel better” (because I worked too hard to get out of this relationship with you).

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