September 26, 2022

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45 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/29/19

  1. Not surprised about the CB lyric. It shows (Karruche, Ammika, etc)

    I feel like Fizz and Apryl been fooling around for a good lil minute

    Smh at Melo. I wonder if Lala ever cheated

    1. Lala been fk Maino for years plus her and melo use to have 3somes which is how he found the outside chick..

  2. Chris can have that. I like white guys with big dicks.

    Anytime I see my cousin hanging with la more I know Melo done messed up.

    And Stevie sees when it counts I’m sure.

  3. I told my friends that Stevie Wonder could see and they laughed at me 😑😂… what is going on with Carmelo? Is he going through a crisis treating LaLa like she common 🤨

  4. I’m glad cardiomyopathy got her request denied yes
    Chris that’s why we’re done
    Poor lala
    Stevie stevie

  5. Mixed black chicks is what Chris saying then? Lol wow but I’m not even shocked. We been knew from the beginning.

    1. Chris has mixed lineage. He likes women who look like him. Like, umm yeah, so do I. I prefer mixed redheads. I like freckles and red hair patches. Got them too. I don’t understand why people get mad about that. Why do I gotta like you? Why cant i just like people who look like me?

      1. You’re stupid and missed the point asshole. Nobody is trying to be liked douche, its about respect.. it didnt have to be said we al know wtf he likes.. he commented afterwards being super disrespectful and those lil hoes he’s fuckin doesnt look shit like him dumb ass. Chris is black with nigga hair sit tf down and speak on what concerns you and yours from now on.. I hate ignorance

  6. They were draggin Chris smh. I wish black men get out of that fetish it’s a mental illness fr.
    So that business trip shit was a lie ? Melon is the scum of the earth. If you gon be somewhere go see your love child that you’ve been neglecting. Man up & own up to your indiscretions.
    I think lala took him back too quickly and when she did they probably never sat back and talked about the future of their relationship they just ignored the big elephant in the room.

    1. Right she made it too easy for him and now I would like to know how she really feels about the other child because he’s been a dog and it seems as if they both were like oh well. I don’t blame Lala but at some point he been doin him he just got a baby by one of many. Smh

  7. They could’ve let Cardi trade mark “okurrrr”.. ever since she said it, everybody using it.. in movies and everything.

  8. I caught that CB lyric, which we kind of already knew he felt that way by the women we see him with. But Drake loves him some chocolate so 🤷🏻‍♀️😏 he’s finer & his discography is definitely neck & neck with CB.
    Weather we want to admit it, we all have a preference in a significant other. We don’t need to verbalize it, especially someone of his stature. Black women get undeservingly shit on enough, if you’re not going to uplift them just be quiet? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Chris needs to stop! All melanin women got good hair! Ammico and Kuchie Koo are bi-racial with wavy hair.

  10. Omg now this tea right here was mouth dropping!

    Poor LaLa, Melo is a dirty dog! Kim did a good deed in waiting to tell her at the perfect time!

    Chris brown is corny. Who cares about what his ass likes, he’s old news.

    At the very beginning I was like maybe they’re friends. But Fizz will sleep with anything, and Apryl talks too much. Like she’s so stunning and above him, but the way she carries herself and what comes out her mouth makes her look at his level. It’s sad that she added that thing to her list.
    The ugly ones be acting sophisticated, with high standards and the hot ones be acting loose and corny.

    Chaka kahn was hilarious with it!

    1. Btw the first person I heard say okurrrrr was Khloe like 3-4 years ago. Which I thought was like a dope LA slang, But Idk who Khloe got that from. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. Chris should shut up with that. The world knows what kind of women he likes. I heard 3 years ago that Stevie wonder can see and he been fakeing it all for years. Fooling the fans and the world.

  12. Lala needs to take all his money! He messed up a lot! Only thing left is to divorce him. Carmelo deserves everything coming to him. Lala didnt deserve this. He disgusts me. Ig model didnt even look better than Lala. Just new to u buddy.

  13. And carmelo is dumb he spoke out to protect ol girl but when he had a side baby he was crickets la la should just move on. Just like someone in the comments said he was never really into her.

  14. Chris can like what he likes and black women should support people who don’t discriminate against them. If you’re a black woman with “bad” (all hair is good hair from 1 to 4c) hair don’t support his career.

    Cardi got okurrrr from the Kardashians who got it from somewhere else. It’s not hers to trademark it.

  15. People can like what they like, but when you put it in the words Chris used that becomes the problem. It seems like any other girl without those things isn’t good enough. Which isn’t true. They just aren’t good enough for you. You can state your preference without putting the other down.

    I think LaLa always knew Melo was trash. Which is why it never seemed right once she took him back. She probably had her hand on the trigger for the divorce for awhile now. Just had it at her lawyer waiting. And let them(lawyer) know when you get the call… File it. Maybe now people can stop blaming LaLa for making a grown azz man NOT see his kid. She will be gone, let us see how many attempts he makes… Nada. Melo don’t want that child and therefore refuses to do nothing more than financially support the kid… The end.

  16. I dont feel sorry for Lala.. I dont feel sorry for any woman that still hangs on to a nigga that shows you countless times that they do not want you. When are folks going to stop worrying about image or what ppl think.. That’s probably why she keeps staying. I am sure he showed his true colors to her from the very beginning of their relationship. Seriously, ppl need to stop thinking that they are obligated to stay with someone. Same with David Beckham… That sexy motherfucker been cheating on his wife before she became his wife.. smh.. so no surprise when it comes to him.

    chaka khan- thanks for confirming. I suspected it when I saw a video of him on youtube a while back.

  17. Before the escort were all “models” now that we know what it mean to be an Instagram model they changed their job to DJs lol they all became djs all of sudden, the biggest one is CeeJe the dj she started the trend…👀

    When I first read about the Carmelo situation and he saying the girl was just a married friend I was literally laughing, like does he think we all stupid or what? Hahaha

    I was a little bit surprised that DB was posting all those lovely pics with Victoria now I understand why lol if something new about he cheating comes out people will be less likely to believe it cause they have been acting as a lively couple the last few days

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