August 15, 2022

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29 thoughts on “PR Diaries “The Stories We Used To Talk About In These PR Streets”

  1. I wonder what Diddy did to Rih..

    And Chile, I liveeeee for the beef between the divas (Aretha, Tina, Patti, etc), but it sucks that they could make things right before Aretha passed

  2. Diddy probably tried to make Rihanna his sex slave and she wasn’t down with that.. I always wonder if Diddy is jealous of Jayz in a way now that he is a billionaire.

  3. I’ve only heard about Aretha beefing with Patti. Aretha, wasn’t about that life. Whew!!!

  4. Ooouuh weee… Give us more of that good Retha tea. (not Aretha , but Retha lol) I bet back in the day she was the queen of clapback. Get to digging up the good stories on all the divas.

  5. I would love to hear more about Aretha. She was something else chile.. lol and puffy just creepy as hell ugh

      1. I’m just saying. This lady is scamming us all. We pay money for the tea. Some of us up to $10. Only to get mere droplets.

        It’s BS.

        We are paying money and not really learning anything that we wouldnt learn on the blog.

        Plus, where is the Klay Thompson tea she promised?

  6. Diddy probably tried to rape Rih or something crossing the line sexually knowing his creepy ass. Probably tried to make a move on her while she was sleeping or something. Jay was mad at Diddy for helping Rih and Chris try to amend they relationship cause jay was mad Chris had her in the first place. Didn’t jay want Chris dead after the ‘09 fight?

    I feel like there was a lot of beefs that didn’t get resolved before Aretha passed. She was the ultimate diva and was petty as all hell. Mariah Carey better calm down before she leaves the earth with no closure either.

  7. RHI RHI a tough chick so it makes my mind wonder about wtf happened 🤔🤔🤔🤔…..

    Diddy is such a creep.

    More shit I hear bout him the more I believe he sacrificed BIGGY smh ol creep ass nigga 🙄🙄

  8. My cousin and her best friend use to party at Star Island when she was living in Homestead. They use to clean somebody house out there.

  9. He tried to rape her. He heard all the “talk” about her being a sex kitten, a pass around, a ho and tried to force himself on her.
    I’m regular compared to RiRi and I have been FLOORED over the years with my experiences with men. I have had more than one actually feel like, THEY HAVE THE RIGHT. It is disgusting what some women go through but it is never taken serious.

  10. Even money I bet LA Reid was allowed to make a go for her or something. He never even got a sample from her. I swear tho he better have not done anything to her. His career cant handle that

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