September 26, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/27/19

  1. They might as well Offset never gonna stop cheating and she not living him as well might as well make it an open relationship and get sick on the side too

  2. I can’t wait to hear the Rih Rih and Diddy business venture

    Cardi and Offset’s relationship has always seemed like a hot ass mess so I’m not surprised about any side tacos or wieners.

    I’m surprised Faith and Steebie lasted this long. I feel like he just wanted them child support payments handled for a minute lol

  3. it look awkward with them at the awards…
    cardi she ones said if she could take it back she would seems like she’s enjoying it

  4. I heard Rih rejected Diddy because of something that happened back during the ‘09 situation? I need the full tea though!

    I wonder who is Cardi side dick? As long as it ain’t drake I’m cool

    We need an update on Nicki! Is she pregnant or not I can’t handle it with these antics she pulling!!! I wouldn’t mind her being pregnant if it was by the right guy, this dude is not good for her and she don’t need to be having a child with him OR marrying him!!

  5. Lol at “a married friend of his”! Melo know damn well that being married ain’t stopped people from cheating 🙄😒 Lala girl.. get yo life and LEAVE THAT MAN 🗣iss gna be a cheating story every 3 months of you don’t leave his ass🙄

  6. Melo is always hanging out with this dude from his agency who is the worst husband on the planet. They both engage in the same thot activities with whores.

    Cardi and offset look forced.
    Like she’s trying to convince us that they’re in love and real.

  7. Melo and Lala allegedly have an open marriage and she has dipped out too with dudes like Maino.

  8. She does her.

    He does him.

    He just got caught.

    I feel sorry for no one accept his child with miaangel (Mia Burks).

  9. Why is everyone acting like LaLa BEEN DOIN HER… before the baby too… most of these arrangements are violated when it becomes public knowledge that they engage in extracurricular activities! Old tea is.. Nevermind… she’s good…

  10. I’m SURPRISED but NOT surprised that CARDI GOT SOME SIDE COCK 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🙄🙄😂😂😂😂 but I’m dyinggggggg to know WHO THE COCK BELONGSSSSS TO‼️‼️‼️‼️👀👀👀👀

    Damn I want that tea like never before 👀👀☕️☕️☕️☕️

  11. I would like to know who the side cock is! Stevie and Faith…for some reason I thought they’d last..

  12. What is the venture(Rhianna/Diddy)? Probably was for the best to be honest.

    I honestly don’t get Cardi’s Press video. I know she was giving props to the elites and tying in her court case. But even with that given from the outset, it still wasn’t cohesive IMO.

    LaLa, needs just cut her losses and divorce Melo. It hasn’t been right for a long time and the side baby definitely didn’t help.

    1. I was rooting for Stevie and Faith- even tho she seems way more mature than him. Not really a Cardi fan so no comment on that… Love Lala… Melo seems to have fallen off so she’s probably better without him anyway…I remember seeing or reading that he wanted more kids and she said no…

  13. A divinist said Cardigan was smashing Quavonte and Cephus at the same time and the baby daddy might really be Qvo? IDK but it makes me wonder did Qvo had Miami 1st too and she is with P now?

    ALLEDGEDLY Was Diddy trying too hard to hook Robin up with Quincy back then? Did Brown hook up with Cass on the creep?

    Melo7 is going to have to separate if he is going to join Bron in LA his son is getting serious about AAU and college recruitment for bball. It would be real convenient if La magically relocates to LA and brings Gwendolyn along for the ride IDK.

    Sorry but Pulse is a faux event and the victims the perp all of it is just too inconsistent for me it seems tptb dont want anybody to congregate in public anymore and all these events are part of their plan IDK.

    1. CARDI isn’t fucking quvo and Kulture look just like offset 🙄🙄 if anything CARDI fucking P the ceo…

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