July 1, 2022

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40 thoughts on “The Sugar Baby Report Jordyn Woods Sugar

  1. Let that girl Jordyn use these NBA players for clout just like everybody else. Everybody need a come up lol

  2. Oh you mean the same way khogre was friends with Trina & did it to her as well ? Bloop karma comes in waves.

  3. Jordyn is the karma they never saw coming👀 The same way Jordyn “likes Khloe trash” is the same way Khloe likes her ex-friends trash 💅🏽

  4. The KK and KJ are just getting their Karma. They forgot Jordyn kept her pregnancy under tights wraps.

      1. I dont even believe Khole really hates JW how can you hate your surrogate that gave all of you beautiful baby girls back to back? TT knew she was ready to go and tried to alleyoop her to somebody else that was a well married man IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

  5. Yep, might as well rotate them men. I’m not understanding why it hurts so bad when she’s took her so called friends men several times before. Plus, Tristan been fucking everything with a pulse so Khlobacca need to put them feelings in her pocket or keep that energy with all them “homewreckers”

  6. Now, all of you are overdoing it. Damn you guys really hate Jordyn. Everything the Kardashian/ Jenners it’s perfect for you guys. She’s doing everything the Kardashians does don’t make her evil, if she’s evil then the Kardashians/ jenners are the Devil’s spawn. Don’t forget she learned from the best

  7. Admin, come and post about Cardi B’s new video “Press.” OMG. It’s extremely vulgar. How you gonna go fully nude.

  8. Didn’t every Kardashian besides Kortney cut throat somebody behind a man? Are they supposed to be above karma?

  9. Say what now 👂👂? ALL those girls are trash. That is why they were “friends”. Birds of a feather flock together.

  10. I still believe that all this is a PR stint even if the situation was real. Jordyn still follows Kylie and Kris, but not the other K’s, of course. Both sides are receiving all the attention so the more money the better for both. Khloé needs to be quiet and enjoy her peace with her daughter. Stop bashing that girl just because your “boyfriend” likes to dip into everyone and you KNEW he was not shit.
    They’ve done the same shit Jordyn pulled to other celebrities, everyone knows that and I wish they were more honest about it

    We’ll be seeing Kylie and Jordyn link up again eventually, you heard it here first unless G already said it lol

  11. I’m curious how is Lauren and the twin good friends and they are bestfriends with khloe, and lauren don’t like khloe??

  12. Khloe is a trip!!!! They kill me how they are acting all indignant about Jordyn kissing cheating ass Thompson. Why she didn’t keep the same energy she has towards This young girl with the many women he was messing while he was with her ass? They get on my nerves. She smashed Trey songs yet she was friends with LL. She was cool with Trina yet she smashed Hardeen and Montana. Then she gets her friends Larsa and the twin to join in and get at Jordyn yet larsa was friends Ciara and Khadijah was smashing some married dude. Now she wants to say that Tristan called her and said he would commit suicide if she didn’t take his calls. If that was true she really ain’t shit because that’s something very very private and nothing to play with. And forgets her baby will one day read about stuff like that. How would that make her feel? You sharing that on your show for ratings speaks volumes of the type of person she is. Girl bye!

  13. Can’t agree with this unless you call out all of the people them Kardashians betrayed only to have failed relationships with those men. Can’t get mad if Jordan did the same thing to them they did to multiple women.

  14. leave that girl alone. clearly on the Trashians payroll or sumpthing..

    Love all the tea but its hella biased in here when it comes to the Carters & the Trashians.

  15. I never heard about Harden. If this is true it makes me think even more that she was doing what she saw them doing AND that Kylie was co-signing.

  16. This jordyn thing doesnt seem like a big deal to me.. The sisters do it to their friends all them time.. Why are they mad? If she is ‘family’ jordyn should get the same privilidges. Lol

  17. It seems like the narrative is really being pushed for us to hate Jordyn. Hate her for what? She learned from the best if what everybody is saying about her is even true to begin with.

  18. The Kartrashians lip lock with everybody and exes. I wish yall would hop off their vaginas 🙄

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