August 15, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 6/25/19

      1. He is Nigerian and Yoruba. 😂😂😂😂😂 it’s normal for them. Maybe he even has another wife back home. Thea called Yoruba demons for a reason.

  1. A list rapper makes me cry. Maybe an A list entertainer and puppet. But rapper? the general public and industry is so cruel for letting her get that

  2. For the athlete:

    I’m guess… Klay Thompson or Draymond Green

    now where’s the Klay Thompson tea you promised a lifetime ago…

  3. #100: Tamar Braxton
    #101: Cardi B
    #102: Blake Griffin (For those who don’t follow the NBA, Blake was engaged and had two children with Brynn Cameron. He then started dating Kendall Jenner, who formerly dated Jordan Clarkson (guy in the pic). After Blake got a surprise trade to Detroit, Kendall started dating Ben Simmons. Blake was recently spotted on a date with Madison Beer (singer discovered by Justin Bieber on YouTube) at Craigs restaurant in West Hollywood this month. Madison also recently turned 20 years old.)

    1. Poor Blake had to pay Brynn child support and palimony. For those don’t know what palimony is, here is the definition.

      Palimony: Compensation made by one member of an unmarried couple to the other after separation.

      But what’s so fucked about the situation is that Brynn’s oldest child is from a dude who plays professional soccer. And poor Blake is playing child support towards a child that isn’t his!

      1. I thought Brynn’s oldest kid was by Matt Leinart? Also she and her brother know how to get pregnant by/impregnate very rich people. Her brother knocked up Elin, Tiger Woods’ ex wife.

  4. Tamar
    Cardi B
    Ben Simmons? Idk the new young thing he’s with though but he was with Kendall and was with Tinashe prior to that for a good minute

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