October 6, 2022

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49 thoughts on “Hot Takes  6/21/19

  1. Spill the strawberry tea on David and Tamar! And Angelina’s pool stick built ass makes me sick. 🙄

  2. I think she can get a number 1… I hope so since People focus so much on numbers these days it used to didn’t be like that. I just enjoy the music. I support who I like… never cared about the charts

    1. Right now Liz Nas song has like 700 points even Taylor couldn’t beat him everyone has tried but it might break Mariah Carey.

  3. I think Nicki can get the #1… now Angelina sis?!!!!!!!!!

    Why is no one talking about that drake rumor ?🤔🤔

    What’s the tea on Tamar’s man?

    1. I Wanna Ask G

      When Solo dissed Toni saying she wanted to be like Giselle and Tamr aired her out?

      One day Solo remarked we looked up to Toni why is she jocking my sisters swag she should stay classic etc. Tamr said , you dont even know your own history let me tell you…

      DC4 was based on OUR family values do your research! Is it true Matt was shopping for a deal and Toni told him to bring DC to sing for LA and Mr Edmonds? So LA said the other three were ugly and should be a group by themselves and only wanted Giselle as a solo artist? Face said KR really was the best singer but he could tell she had deep self esteem issues? Toni told Matt dont break the girls up and to take them to meet Dallas JD instead? Which was selfless of Toni according to Tamr bcuz Toni had beef with Roz over Face, and Roz had beef with Tamar over Dallas but Boz told them if yall bytches try to jump on Roz she will shoot both of them on the spot and even licked shots at them made them jump in their cars to get away from her crazy azz LOL ALLEDGEDLY?

      So Lisa lil Blaq neices were being groomed to take over the CrazySexyCool image bcuz Boz was sick etc and Roz was going solo so instead of letting the group fade out they were going to train the girls to be the new heirs of the Fanmail image? Since Kandy and Tiny were on hiatus they wrote some stuff to help out with the project but Blaq was spoiled and not making progress — DC came and Matt had them hungry and ready to work since they struck out with Face already so the WOTW hits were really meant for Blaq and DC knocked them out of the park IDK?

      Anyway Solo rebuked Tamr and Tamr said DC 1st album cover LL was jocking Twanda KR was jocking Tracy LR was jocking Trina so by default Giselle was jocking Tamr bcuz Toni is in a whole other level LMAO? Tamr even said her and Toni were the 1st to get their faces done by some prominent ATL surgeon and thats why Giselle and KR ran and got their work done by the same doctor too. Do Solo even know who inspired her to get her nostrils done since the Jacksons never paid them any mind back then either?

      I thought this whole exchange was hilarious back then but it got buried bcuz Tamr let the cat out of the bag about DC getting surgery but since Lil Kim was getting so blatant with her modifications Tamr felt comfy talking about her own work and left Giselle out of the conversation altogether ALLEDGEDLY?

  4. Jada to me seems like the type to do anything to keep a man satisfied even if that means going against what she feel is right. I remember her saying she never wanted to get married, ugh then why did you😐😐😐 I bet if Tupac would have asked her she would have agreed because she shows more affection and loved towards him than she ever did Will, and he’s her husband😕😕

  5. When are we getting the Klay Thompson tea… its been going on 2 days… Steady posting about other stuff and haven’t posted that. Come on!

    1. Y’all need to be patient she just said a couple post ago it’s two of em right now. People like y’all being all needy and not satisfied is gonna be the reason she shuts this blog down and no more sugar for none of us. Calm down and be patient if it comes it comes.

      1. Yeah her motto is she’s not interested in being first she’s interested in being right

  6. The fact that they are allowing it to be top 5 does that mean anything in terms of Nicki relationship with the elites? Like you not the top bitch but we’ll give you a little something if you behave?

    Not surprised By Angelina Jolie creepy ass she look like a pedophile. I’ll be glad when these pedophiles get caught and die TBFH

  7. Something does seem strange about David , I have some other things I wonder about these celebrities seeming to be more interested in adopting a particular race of children more than others

    1. I’m pretty sure there’s already a post about it. Look it up in the search bar and see if it pops up.

  8. did they shut down the drake rumor that he settled that lawsuit i dont see anyone posting or talking about it

  9. I love Tamar tea ! 🍵 👀👓 but shit, she got a husband on the side so all tha gasps about his wife is pointless! They might have an understanding 🤷🏾‍♀️ LoL

  10. Now that child trafficking is overly disgusting. The fact that Angelina is caught up in that mess ??!! Tuh can’t wait until they crack down on this. It’s getting worse and worse.

  11. Jada doesn’t like to share at the same time… sounds like Salli was a well paid in home sex slave for Will and Jada.

  12. Please tell me you listened to Queen radio? I only caught the first hour that she was on but she was going innnn.

  13. Wow @ this Angelina story. Let her had been black tho! It would’ve came out and huge jail time. This is so sad for the kids and disgusting. Brad is prob scared to speak up. He’s another punk.

      1. He probably knew hence why he divorced her so fast he didn’t want to go down with her. If she’s gonna get exposed soon he was smart to get outa there fast before shit hits the fan.

  14. G what’s the tea on Tamar or are you gonna do a story about???? I wanna know if David cheating? Case that’s what it sounds like…..

  15. What are the thangss you heard about him? Please elaborate someday lol

    As for Angelina, I’m kinda shock because she seems so hands on as a mom. I always assumed something was weird with the way it seemed so easy to adopt those kids. What does that mean for Brad?

  16. Not surprised bout Angelina she AlwAys seemed….


    But Tamar n her hubbbbby? 😲😲😲😲 I’m happy for her but he comes off a lil…..

    Sweet? Oppurtunist maybe????

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