September 30, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Word Has It – 6/18/19

    1. Well damn I thought they was working toward it already on their own That’s why jhene was mad but I guess he was just getting the kitten and then dipping smh. last “word has it” said that Ariana wanted to give their relationship another chance and take it more seriously, wonder how she’ll feel about him officially getting back with her for money 🙁 the fact they have to do it that way shows he ain’t trying to be tied down he wants to be a free thot and only money can persuade him to settle down (jhene leave him be). But TBH big Sean did fall off the radar though I don’t think he ever really popped big time just had some attention IMO.

  1. Not surprising. The Manchester Incident as well as the entire Mac Breakup, Engagement to Pete, then Mac’s Dearh and Pete Breakup all happening within months of each other will naturally take its toll on anyone.

    I’m not saying this because I feel like “I know so much about her”, but more because I am concerned based on what I’ve seen and heard so far, but I feel like she should just take a break from it all, music, sex, drugs and dating, and try to get back to having some sort of inner peace within herself.

    I don’t like how she reaped all the benefits of the buzz surrounding Mac’s Death, but I do hope she can gain some sense of control in her life.

    1. IDK but if Sean follows thru with this he has to give AG a baby ASAP since Pete would have been unacceptable as a baby daddy!!! Sean ALLEDGEDLY is a decent role model with Jhene and her daughter which is why Jhene might still want to fight over him IDK but does Sean wanna be stepdad and end up whipped like Ye or Big Poppa and level up like Cannon?

  2. I don’t too much care for her but I hope she gets herself together. I sympathize with her due to her losing Mac and her engagement to Pete getting called off. I hope she sees thru big Sean bc he only seems to drive the women crazy. She needs help soon

  3. Wow. Just wow. Batman said that he just came back from taking a mental health break. The last thing he needs is that kind of problem. She seems codependent. That wouldn’t be good at all.

  4. Lol, a good ole piece of big meat will get you in line real quick. They better be careful with that though because on the other side it can drive you nuts!🤪

  5. Damn, record labels buying relationships left and right! I hope she gets better though, this industry will take away your sanity.

  6. I dnt feel bad. She isnt genuine and all that foul shit she has done got her sitting home at night singing Lonely by Brittney spears. While I dnt feel bad hope she checks her stuff now

  7. If it goes down this way and Sean takes the money, something tells me Ariana already knows what time it is. She will just go along with it because in the end we already know these people will do ANYTHING for the fame/money. Sad, but true

  8. Wowwwwwwww!!! She has been looking drugged up lately. Smhhhh this is gonna be very interesting how this unfolds 😕

  9. They can try but they are gonna sacrifice her eventually. This one cant seem to get it together

  10. These child stars jump from being tormented and traumatized into addiction and legal troubles. I feel sorry for them all..still wish Sean & Jhene would have gotten back together.

  11. Sean was gonna swoop in since the Queen’s funeral, the pastor was really trying to get her to drop Pete junky behind and she mustve got the memo IDK

    Is Sean gonna be a part of the Martin reboot? I always thought the video with him an Breezy would be an interesting new take on the show — but with 2 Chainz as Stan, and maybe Brandon Jackson as Cole, and Ferg as Brutha Man LMAO. Who could play Tommy Jr? Azealea as Pam, and Ariana can be the Gina for “diversity” purposes?

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