September 26, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Industry Secrets Vol 3

    1. Hell yeah! Remember when Going said their first victim was Marilyn Monroe? Marilyn was no dumb blonde now. With an IQ of 168. From what was being said having all brain was no fun for her. So not only she was an actress with brains, but a sexual symbol with many and aplenty of men at her feet. But what got the best of her was depression. Her childhood wasn’t that great at all .

  1. Have there been affairs that have started on the set of tv shows?

    Can you tell us about athletes? I noticed a change in Kevin Durant, Bradley Beal, Dwight Howard, JJ Reddick in terms of Christian athletes.

    Also, Keith Powers was once a Christian now, he is wilin’ out with alcohol and partying.

    1. I don’t think she takes requests in the comments but I also can’t figure out what we need to do to submit them *sad face*

    2. Affairs on TV Shows? HawthoRN comes to mind — the show where Woo starred as a head nurse? Also speak of KP is he the guy dating that mocha chocolate goddess but is there beef between her and them two locd sisters IDK which one but it might be some shade with that show too.

      Since mocha show got cancelled will she join in with her mans show which would strain their relationship or work on her music. Mocha was sposed to have been aligned with the same label the twin sisters got on and she turned it down why IDK?

      All them athletes date the same women obviously but when an athlete claims faith and doesnt have an arranged marraige to go with it then be skeptical about them IDK.

  2. The Entertainment industry is ran by the mafia. These celebrities use Russian billionaires money to launder money. Jay Z is a prime example of it.

  3. Speaking of not speaking about Jesus. Is this why Tim Tebow couldn’t solidify his spot in sports? I know performance wise he wasn’t rising to his highest at but could it have been a mix of the 2? There’s plenty of underperforming athletes still making their own waves.

  4. My dad said back in the day Rock Hudson and his friends use to kidnap little boys .. rape, kill and bury them in the desert. Gina .. got any tea on that?

  5. crazy i’m reading this while watching the MTV movie music awards wondering what they did to get that part in the movie

  6. I knew about the affairs starting during filming. The actors start spending all that time together and things heat up depending on the role. The chemistry’s good the perfect set up.

  7. Man even before Kanye I knew the award shows were corrupt.

    I don’t remember if I read it here or not, but I also read that the lotto is mostly rigged. Like the huge jackpots are rigged. Little people can win a few million but no one would really win the $356 million type jackpots they have because the lotto business is ran by it’s own Mob. And is it similar for sports as well like the NBA and NFL? Like is the NBA Finals and the Super Bowl rigged?

    1. Yeah that makes sense…no wonder why so many people that win the lotto end up dead a year or two later because the mob comes to collect…and yes the NBA & NFL is rigged because that is tied to the Vegas casinos which is also ran by the mob…Check out YouTube channel RFGChosenOne & he breaks down all the rituals and symbology behind sports rigging

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