September 26, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Off The Press Behind The Scenes of An Industry Group Chat

  1. I might sound naive saying this, but does diddy really have that much power to where Tasha k the one that says is not afraid of anyone or anything, was afraid to ask those question cause you know we all know those rumors bout him I was watching waiting for her to ask lol and thanks to all of you!!

    1. I believe he can blackball her if she puts out anything negative about him that he doesn’t want out. You see how all his accusations are just whispers and rumors throughout the industry. That don’t really stick publicly for the ones who are naive. And believes the facade he puts on.

  2. Yikes! Selena out here being messy on the low (can’t lie tho a bitch can relate to the starting something without finishing the other😫) 👀 I just wish she would grow a backbone and actually stand for something tho!

    Isn’t Eva Longoria married too 😳

  3. I believe that are going to get Tasha off YouTube and try to put her on TV to monitor her, who she is interviewing, and what she says. Just like they did with Wendy.

  4. Tasha knows that Diddy would shut her ALL THE WAY down for even insinuating that on her show. Long money don’t play that.

  5. Well Tasha should have asked she got money for lawyers I’m sure she have a back up plan. We know Diddy is abusive physically/verbally but now we need reasons because he have too many victims and one has died so…

    The k’s are standing their ground they don’t care well ryean that’s what you get when dealing with strong minded women you just gotta wait and not get upset over it lol

  6. i mean Diddy is a rich and somewhat powerful exec. God knows how many penis’s he stuffed in his mouth and booty to get to that level. I’m not surprised to hear that he is abusive and controlling. He is the provider after all. His desires for stick pricks makes him take all of his sexual frustrations out on these women because they are too dependent on him.

  7. The Ks don’t care because they just signed a new contract so Ryan is screwed. Its very unlikely that they will settle even for a dollar. Chyna is banking on this “docu series” to infuse cash into her hands. I personally won’t be watching because I’m sure the blogs will show it in pieces.

    Not surprising about Diddy. His post congratulating Cassie had control issues written all over it.

    Eva sleeping with producer for the new show? The previews look cheesy.

    Good tea today…thoroughly enjoying.

  8. Here is the fucked up part. How Steve Harvey going to confront Trey Songz about him putting hands on Lori when he and his mistress Marjorie should have stopped Lori messing with Diddy? I would like to see that shit happen. Diddy is going to lay paws on Lori’s ass too. Hell, Marjorie probably done sold her own daughter to Daddy already. Damn! Another victim gone.

    1. We’ll wait a minute, was Lori dating his son or was she really dealing with Diddy? 😦 This shit is a nasty mess 😔

  9. Okay, On Tasha K’s part too interview with Virginia V. Virginia mentioned that Diddy to Lori to Virginia. They just built a brand new MGM Nation Harbor Hotel in Oxen Hill, MD right off the Woodrow Wilson bridge. Like Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia is there another underground city below The MGM Hotel. Another set of tunnels is definitely under there. And you best to believe Diddy had that poor child in that area. I am dropping this sugar tonight! I have my dad living in that area. And he told me this information day before yesterday. So that means I have to take my black ass up there find out about those tunnels. These are brand new tunnels and I need to learn them son of bitches quick!

    1. Can you give us more information about these tunnels? What’s that about? Why is it an issue to go through them?


    Or are they so blinded by being showered with the money and the best of the best? Like DIDDY kids??? Do they know…. cause these kids really be BORN into this so do they think it’s normal? Do they just DONT KNOW OR DONT CARE?

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