August 16, 2022

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25 thoughts on “The Night Chris Rock Pissed Off The Music Industry

    1. This was when he was just REALLY getting hot. He probably hadn’t gotten witchy just yet, but was seriously considering it to go farther. But after that the VMAs had a decline and he became a big star. By that time invitations may have been extended and he just refused to go back *shrugs*. I mean MTV doesn’t hold weight like it use to. Of course, this just a assumption.

  1. What basically did he say? Not every word, but I cannot understand when he’s talking, I can understand when it’s written (I’m French).

  2. Yoooo how have I never seen this 😂😂 he was killin everybody 😂😂 but correct me if I’m wrong did they set him up for the kill or something? Cause I thought everyone’s material and sets were ran by the producers of these shows. Like they didn’t know he was gonna be tellin this specific jokes ?

    1. She seems the type to be petty and hold a grudge. I mean, that probably was the most insulting comment in that bit – saying her success is mostly due to her ass. I tried finding more information on their relationship afterward but they don’t even have a photo with just the two of them from red carpet of what to expect when you’re expecting and Rock kind of shams her again in that video that’s really easy to find on google, saying the set revolves around her.

      Any tea, G?

  3. Ahhhhhhh!!!! You just took me back! Lawd I remember this just like yesterday! This is when the VMAs were still lit. Chris Rock didn’t gaf 😂😂😂. *sings* “memories in the corner of my mind” 😂😂😂😂.

  4. Yes I remembered this. When award shows were the best thing ever. I used to tape them and watch it over again. Who knew that all this craziness were happening behind the scenes.

  5. I remember watching this as a kid like 😮😯😦 and cracking up. Esp the J. Lo joke and boy band jokes. This was before he sold his soul

  6. I remember watching that as a younging…..

    Wow. If I only knew then what I know NOW. I just cringed watching this 😂😂😂😂

  7. The was live kive not a love recording so nothing coild be edited. Jlo needed to thank her ass for real and all the Black people who gave her streer cred from In Living Colour to Diddy and JaRule. Diddy had the club shot up and she said… I’m done with y’all. I like are Ricky Martin took his joke neatly and KTSE. But you can tell it was live when you see Snoop’s face at the first couple jokes. He couldn’t believe it was happening. By the end he accepted and was all with da shits. These things can’t happen anymore…..

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