September 26, 2022

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41 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Bill Cosby and Lisa Bonet Fued

    1. I thought G had in a blog post they did get together…apparently while she was married to Ahmad. Her & Lisa had a wired chemistry vibe to me.

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this tea. Thanks G! Did Bill have a thing with any of the other ladies from his shows?

  2. I really wanna say I don’t BELIEVE it BUT I can’t. I. Just more happy that it was not bill molesting her. I’m still a fan of the Cosby show and always will be and still BELIEVE bill being in jail is bullshit

  3. Whoah? Yuck besality she needs Jesus
    Question can we get a story on Raven Simone and the kids from two and half men

  4. SIS!!!! Now this is some good ass tea! So they had a fling!’ Gottdamn!! Gottdamn! This explains everything. Folks used to say he abused her but she was a willing although young participant. Thanks G!!!!!

  5. Wow!! I’m not really surprised by this though..

    Sidebar: How do I renew my ICYDK subscription?

  6. I don’t even know what to say!!! I would’ve never think anything like this between them, I always wondered what really happened tho

  7. I kind of suspected that there was an alleged affair between them, because it was always unspoken animosity between her and Bill. She didn’t even show up to any of he reunions they did years ago.

    1. ALLEDGEDLY Was Lisa already initiated or did she really dodge the cabal? There is a rumor she was ordained to be into the ancient craft bcuz of her family tree so she had to break free and have Zoey by the stars? Bill was mad at Lisa bcuz she thought she was prego by Purple Rain? Lisa was sposed to star in the ghost movie with Swayze but Bill blocked interacial relationships so she did the other movie instead? Did Clueless Stacy ever be considered for ADW or was it just Whitley? A.Rose was familiar with somebody who was harassed by Bill and she got checked by Rudy for calling him out but Raven confirmed it anyway? Cole is mad at Bill not for the harassment rumors in the show but bcuz he blames Bill for dEnnis demise and Malcolm and Regina told Cole to please not go down that rabbit hole? This was all being exposed by Crazy Lando until Raven begged him to shutup! Also Keenan confirmed that Bill had a bad energy bcuz he also is suspicious about dEnnis demise too ALLEDGEDLY?

  8. My mum always said this!! After his infamous anger at her film and photos my mum said that’s a jealous lover not a co worker!!

  9. Whewwww. I auditioned for the part of Rudie. My mother said she didn’t Bill Cosby and that was the end of that!

  10. Lmao at her role in the movie Angel Heart. I wonder if she was purposely teasing Bill like isn’t this too familiar? Daughter and “dad” affair. She scandalous for that.

  11. I love this old tea. This is how men act when their “ting” gets pregnant for another man. They think they own women.

  12. How can you find someone attractive let alone have an affair with somebody that reminds you of your own child ???? Freakin disgusting. You can’t be a father and a lover. They both sick !!!!!

  13. This here was something I never suspected nor knew, so thanks G for this good ole tea… You really be alwayz giving some exclusive intel🙌🙌🔥🔥💯💯

      1. She has been on a relationship with Rob from a different world for almost 2 decades or better ☕️

      2. 😂😂😂 I was a fan of her show. G! Please give us the scoop on Tempest Bledsoe and her talk show as well.

  14. Wheewwwwwwwww!!!!!! I knew they had something going on!!! Body language is everything !!!! I would never judge who knows !!!

  15. It also makes sense why Lisa didn’t come around when they did that suppose Cosby Show reunion.

  16. Speaking of black Hollywood, G can you give us any sugar on Clarence Avant the so called black godfather? Is he Boule? He seems really powerful but I’m sure there’s a way more sugary behind the scenes story better than the Netflix movie shows! Please???

  17. ok great story.. I always thought that she was one of his victims but now we know.. I remembered hearing about the how he got mad that she got pregnant but I never thought that were having flings..either way, they both nasty..

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