October 5, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/10/19

  1. Can you explain more about the Rihanna situation ? And beat the breaks off of Justin how like a fight or sexual lol ?

  2. “I am telling you now.” Well damn. I’ll keep that one in my back pocket for when it comes out however many moths later, remembering that you said it first. For Serena’s sake, I hope it’s not true.

  3. Aww shit, Tom got them hands?? 🤣🤣

    Damn Serena. Get out while you can

    As much as I would love another Rih album, I couldn’t even be mad at her if she didn’t do music anymore

    1. Yep, you betcha Adam bearing Tamera’a was and her dumb ass won’t tell her parents, especially her Daddy. Her parents were both in the military and I forgot what Tamera’a MOD or Mission of Duty was, but her will fuck Adam’s ass up about his daughter

  4. I am very curious to know why Wendell is hanging out with the Ks. That is odd.

    I am sadden that the DR is getting so much negative attention. I use to like traveling there

  5. Isn’t Rih still signed with Roc Nation? Jay must still be tight she ain’t giving him no play anymore and trying to get wifed by a richer man hahaha

  6. I can’t imagine Serena not having hands. DV is not funny but I would like to see him try to whoop on that amazon.

  7. I find it interesting that a lot of these celebs are suddenly saying that they’re praying now..like Rih in this latest interview and Cardi on her IG page..

  8. I figured that had to be why Rihanna hasn’t released any music🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s almost always the record company

  9. I read this and all of this tea have seem to be very serious lol what’s the reason she’s at odds? Is it because she lives in London?

    Serena husband seems insecure.

    Gaga ok now

    Willow and jaiden I’m just smh

    Hold up I just thought about it why is Wendy with them and chyna and Tokyo?

    Awww I read a comment that said drake was on a date with Adele. Drake gets around

    Zendaya starting to look washed up(my opinion)

  10. Hi G. This is completely off topic, but can you please give a story on D’Angelo? What happened? Was it drugs, mental illness, etc?

  11. Serena’s husband?!!! 😳
    Justin needs to stop fucking around with Tom Cruise. He refuses stunt doubles for his movies. He’s crazy!
    Drake & Adele? 🤔

  12. Wait oh no sweet baby Jesus not Serena oh lawd
    And question why was Ciara at the devil gala ? I thought she was saved and the Kardashian’s are stupid

  13. 😢 say it isn’t so about Serena’s husband.
    And what are they at odds about ? They want her to drop now & she isn’t ready yet ?

  14. Yikes I can’t believe Serena’s boo is abusive. Like I would never think that smfh. I’m shocked, but it always be the ones u don’t expect

  15. Good tea!

    What caused Justin to want to fight in the 1st place? It feels random and seems cracking on Justin’s part.

    I am still very confused about Cooper and Gaga 😕. Like why lol?

    The record label is probably at odds with Rhianna. But in honesty, even if they weren’t at odds, this album would still probably drag. That girl has set her eyes on new horizons.

    Wendy is more than likely being nosey/petty and that is why she is visiting Kardashians lol. Hey! They let her in! So they must be getting something out of it. Probably the reason Tokyo Toni went off.

    Drake and Adele? I hope it was friendly(my homies) kinda of dates because if not I would be confused 😕 about them too lol.

    Serena girl, swat him like a tennis ball and then bounce ✌✌✌.

  16. Boyyyyyy THE SUGAR RUSH I JUST GOT FROM AAAAAAAALL THIS SWEET SHIT‼️‼️‼️‼️😧😧😧😧👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

  17. How in the hell do Serena let this go on even she’s so masculine…. She look like she could whoop the breaks off that guy but I guess looks can be deceitful huh….

  18. I just read the Def Jam Stories again. Now that was entertaining. Diddy and his parties..

  19. All of this is toooooo much !!!!! Hahahahaha !!!!! That damn Drake is something I’ll tell you. At least you was able to get some clarity for us G

  20. Abusive!?!?! G, why wont she leave??What’s the sugar with the record label? Guessing they want a world tour and rih said hell nah. Or since she’s getting out the game and they are about to lose their biggest money maker they’re making it difficult. If rih never releases this last album I don’t blame her.

  21. I knew something was off about David Ortiz being shot – it all didn’t add up when they gave the news on TV – just too much.

    Zendaya’s dad looks like he would put the press on anyone around her so the stalker better beware himself/herself.

    Say it ain’t so about Serena’s husband, I was really hoping she got a good guy, since they are soooooo to really find these days.

    I am not surprised about Willow – judging by how much Jada has put on the table you can tell that her children were exposed to early to a lot they shouldn’t have regardless of money and fame.

    I feel like Rihanna never wanted to stay or be quite frankly in the music business she just used it a high platform for the other ventures she has going on right now.

    Both Tom and Justin are suffering inside of their own minds – but I am with you G Tom would knock Justin into the Hellbop of Scientology land if they were to fight.

  22. Tom vs Justin = are they both still signed to the same WME CAA agency? I heard Justin was supposed to deactivate Tom eventually but Justin got scared and ran to Hillsong which is made up of ex $cio?

    Jaden vs Jordyn = is Big Willy trying to push a arranged union since Syre made those strange comments about him and Tylers relationship?
    Is Willowmena going to come out about her and Paris’ relationship with the XXX movie? Is it going to be a straight or lez XXX movie?

    Zen is colorstruck or does she just hide her “darker” relationships?

    Lady wants a baby badly.

    Abusive towards just her or the baby too? SMH.
    I refuse to believe she would hand her daughter over to the cabal at any price. Him not so much.

    Paris ring was probably already family jewels so IDK if she had to buy anything, didnt that family buy out Liz estate jewels when she passed? Especially if Conrad bought Liz alot of those diamonds in the 1st place.

    Bethany needs to embrace the fact she alledgely likes West Indian p and stop denying it IDK.

    If Robin buys her masters, who would owns the Roc her or Haz?

    Why is WW hanging with the Klan?
    Alledgely she always said since the radio days if she had to roll with any clique it would be the Klan.

    Heres the plan I heard…

    Since KW was WW protection since industry cats would send chícks to beat WW but bcuz WW dad was a NJ Trooper and her cop calling game is A+++. But KW wanted to clean up street $ and instead of using a wyte gyrl he used his best client instead, knocked her up and got her to clean her habit up. Since she put his $ in her name any separation she would have to pay taxes on things that wasnt wasnt her $ in the 1st place?

    KW wanted to make the mistress a black yoga guru and by knocking her up and playing the prego naked lamaze angle he would corner the niche market, but it hinged on KW making it seem like mistress was really with KW Jr not him. WW was livid but to make the separation valid without tax evasion she had to hire a kungfu black belt to give her self defense classes aka kick her azz in that soundproof róom IDK.


    1. TV morals clause that any abuse would require WW to do a rehab in order to not pay a $$$ penalty for going on the hiatus she needed for her separation agreement? Hence the whole halfway house thing? OJ lives in FL where she went for hiatus and this is how this plan was formulated for total social media domination?

      Anyway the hook is WW would link with La since 50Power is ending, and talk about separation and reconciliation and etc. But La would introduce her to PMK and WW would move to Calif on some Robin Leach Rich and Famous Getting Her Groove Back type of deal. WW would befriend PMK to open up about OJ Nicole Johnny Robert and Bruce Surviving Calabash. Since the Kelly and MJ exposals flopped IDK. Now WW ís back on TV and she has Khole Chyna and LO7 as guests. IDK if Ye would even want to deal with WW for her calling him the LGBT MC back in the day.

      WW wóuld sposedly have a rebound fling with LO7 since she “never had a NBA player before” and they bonded over their addíctions + LO7 is still cool with La and her hubby? Khóle would be salty with PMK for WW getting with her ex? It would be Khole and Kourt vs Kim and La with PMK in the middle saying why worry about LO7 and WW when you dont want him anymore? Kim
      would defend La saying she hooked her up with KHump at the same time she hooked Khole up with LO7 so why trip when James Beard and TT squashed their beefs with LO7 after he almost died ín the brothel so let it be! Remember Khole let French diss LO7 and rub it in his face saying dont have a panic attack/fell in love with a bad bytch when I met her I didnt have shyt now her ex wanna be like me LOL?

      WW would then drop LO7 and get Khole to address who she thinks her real father is and this is why OJ made the comments about him blowing PMK back out in the early 80s. We all notice Khole looks more like Sid than her other sisters so IDK but if OJ admit he was smashing PMK around the time Khole and Sid were born it would be interesting drama for the final seasons of the show.

      WW wants to convince OJ to finally do a test it would be the ultimate Maury. Khole did a test before but it was only with her and her Klan bcuz OJ was locked up and PMK refused him to participate. OJ was skeptical about giving DNA bcuz it might be used to reconvict him? Kim is on the whole criminal reform crusade so she can use PMK and Robert Sr secret diaries to clear up the murder controversy and let Khole embrace her real dad wíth no backlash IDK but with them you never know? PMK would stop the reveal at the last second and WW would vow to reveal only when either PMK or OJ finally kicks the bucket.

      I dont want to be a blogger but I like to come here so I can clear my RAM of all these dumb azz stories I have ALLEDGELY heard.

      Much props to G regardless.

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